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Who knows. I don't know that that's the biggest fight there for regis. I mean he's he wants bronner fight which i don't really see happening because i don't think boehner is going to fight him. But he wants to josh taylor rematch or other fights i think program. What program would love to fight crawford if he got the opportunity so and as you said he might belong welterweight now more than junior welterweight so but there are options there for jose ramirez at one forty for sure all right. So i'm sitting at my house. Last friday watching the ramirez and taylor way in watching the coverage afterwards where ramirez and taylor scuffling in the hallway scrolling through twitter and lo and behold manny pacquiao. Tweet comes out. it's backyard spence. Two thousand and twenty one august twenty first two thousand twenty one on fox pay per view. Let me start here. How shocked were you to see that. Tweet from anti pacquiao. Well that day. I was surprised we had gone to lunch right after the way in. And then my phone starts blowing up everything The one thing i will say is i was told by someone very close to manny pacquiao in the beginning of april that unequivocally. He's not fighting. Terence crawford on june fifth. There's nothing to this. The money's not there yada yada yada don't don't even don't worry it ain't happening but don't be surprised if he fights spence and not us. I was told that the first week of april Turned out to happen. I was surprised last. Friday when it when it came to fruition but also when many announces something like that well he has announced fights before that never happened. He's done this with amir khan fighting so you had to verify that it was actually true and then of course spence you know. Put up his own post. And everything and i confirmed it with bbc and all as we all did but But it was surprising. I mean we chris. It's amazing where we've gone over a was basically a five day span. Last week we went from having tyson fury anthony joshua fighting in saudi arabia august fourteenth and spence. You know maybe fighting. Google and a fight that i don't really think people would have been all that interested in to having fury wilder three and spence pack yao within a four week span in vegas this summer but it was such an incredible turn of events and boxing. Keep much not that. The fury wilder thing was a secret all knew about the arbitration but but it was a pretty interesting turn of events there and to have these two huge fights despite what people might think of geology wilder going into the third fight..

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