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Will be where a closure in New Brunswick where they're still cleaning up some down. Power lines on route twenty seven going to be shut down both ways right around Somerset street. We also had a tree bring down some power cables in East Brunswick. So again on writer's lane that'll be closed both ways right around Milton road. And we've got a down tree in colts neck right now on 537 westbound side of the roadway shutdown for clean right around route thirty four still dealing with a crash in montville on Forty-six eastbound direction approaching Bloomfield avenue so far off to a good start on the Parkway turnpike and twenty seven moving very well. But if you're leaving New Jersey across the Hudson, the Holland tunnel up to a twenty minute delay from the one in nine approach again, we've got the ongoing construction blocking three lanes at the bottom of the ramp better coming in off the turnpike Lincoln tunnel. Good shape around the helix getting a little bit slow coming into the construction on four ninety-five, George Washington Bridge. No waiting on either deck, and once again service has fully restored on the Morrison Essex Gladstone branch of New Jersey transit and so far no cancellations this morning Jeff from New Jersey traffic north. My jersey traffic south. So we have traffic a little tough on the river line right now with thirty minute delays in both directions. And that's all because of track repairs going on your board in town and be careful in east Windsor. We have read work north on one thirty from route five seventy one up through the one thirty three. Bypass left lane is blocked off New Jersey fast. Traffic is sponsored by truecar looking to buy a car with true price from truecar. You can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people paid for it to visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience. Traffic every fifteen minutes next report six oh, three on New Jersey one point five..

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