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Former trump adviser Roger stone convicted Friday on all counts it is federal court trial Roger stone will remain free for now but when he's brought back to the federal court in DC for sentencing on February sixty could be sent to prison for twenty years having been found guilty now of obstructing justice lying to Congress and threatening a witness stone as long denied the charges saying he never had advance knowledge of packed a Democratic Party emails publicized by wikileaks stone is a long time political operative whose work on Republican campaigns began with Richard Nixon's reelection effort he also along with the now in prison the Paul man a fort and Charlie black once operated the largest campaign consulting and lobbying firms in Washington Evan brown fox news service office in Los Angeles confirms the sixteen year old boy who opened fire Thursday morning at a high school in Santa Clarita California has now died from self inflicted gunshot wound two other students were shot and killed gunfire interrupting a high school football playoff game in New Jersey Friday night someone fired from the stands the game in Pleasantville an adult and a juvenile shot and seriously wounded other follower of the late Charles Manson has been denied parole again California governor Gavin Newsom reversed a parole recommendation for Bruce Davis by the nineteen sixty nine killings of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald Shorty Shea he was convicted of helping kill both men in separate incidents after which members of the so called Manson family wrote political piggy on the wall of Hinman's home in his blood Davis was not involved in the infamous Tate la Bianca killings that same year parole boards have repeatedly decided Davis is no longer a risk to the public given his age seventy seven and good behavior while in prison but knew some like governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and governor Jerry Brown before him said Davis remains too dangerous to be free as fox's Liselotte Serra I'm Jack Callahan.

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