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Absolutely. Do you know where the max stores Fifth Avenue and fifty ninth street, that's they used to be a hotel quote, the Savoy plaza hotel. And that's what Ralph had his apothecary, and we'd go visit uncle Ralph on Sunday after the Lower East Side, and my dad would let me pick colors that I would hold in my hand as my conscience that whole week I wanna talk about partnerships the most important of which was with your husband max or Tino. Who was the CEO for awhile? Yes. And before you sold the company to Al, how did you meet max met max in California at a trade show. He wanted to buy the only publication that was available at that time, which was called mainly manicuring in instead of purchasing mainly manicuring. He met this e and he was really originally from. Rome, Italy and living in California. And at the time he he was he was in business with his ex wife selling jewelry for the nails, correct. You know everyone said, oh ESI, you need a European man. The only ones that will understand a woman business and and it was just a great fit. And what point did he join you in the business? Was that a no-brainer or the take? Some once he moved to New York, he joined me. I'm max was always the visionary. I didn't have the name in the glass. I just felt that every salon loved the polish and they would put their own label on it. And he said, who's putting their label on it? So it was his idea to pass the absolutely good idea. Not all of them, but most of them. What were some ungodly deals of? Well, everyone wanted to a lipstick to match the nail polish and you know everyone would ask you for it, and it is a great idea. But there no makeup artist in the salons, telling the woman, try this color. It looks great on you. It just sits there collecting dust. So how long did you dabble in lipstick? Oh, probably about five years. We didn't give up right away. You know the truth of the matter is it ESI was born about colors. I mean, that's what I'm known for colors on my life. What is your apartment look like? Is it colorful? No, it's not as a matter of fact, because I was always working in color. So the apartment is very much white and doc Brown, lots of woods, different woods, different texters, very simple because everything else is what I do every single day, my life, what other mistakes, plenty of mistakes. If we didn't make mistakes, we would've never grown. Oh, we came out with a second line that was a mistake. It was called max, and then we had to change the name to club max because one of our competitors went to jeez and said, we would trading under the name of max factor, which it was not max factor was my husband max Angie again, g. did you ever have other investors? Never. So it was all run by your sales, all the capital that sit from the your sales. And of course, I'm of the to me, you know, you have a year and you'll see what happens. And she said, if it doesn't work, it wouldn't be Szanto, which is a shame. And that's all I had to hear. I said, you'll wait and see. There'll be no shame here. Your mom was she helpful in the business? Of course she became to trade shows. I mean, she's amazing. I mean, she's the rock. She really gave us very good values and we all had to work and she never takes no for an answer. You know, we've learned that from her and. You brought up in a religious household? Well, we had two sets of dishes. We had a coach. But what's of times that we mixed up the silverware and it was like, oh my God, you have to put it in the dirt outside afri- would say, oh, you, you have flowers and silverware growing in your garden. So you know, fun things always fun. I'm Jessica Harris. You're listening to from scratch. My guest is essie Weingarten founder of ESI, a nail polish company with more than three hundred colors. SE is available in roughly twenty five thousand salons in over one hundred countries..

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