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Thank you. Heard Meiring my box. Beautiful. Ice box. Walking over here, feeling like, oh, my box is kinda heavy. No, you've got about this. It's worth it getting my box here. Hey, what's going on? Why's Kurt Bronco standing behind his chair. I got a bunch of stuff so so much stuff that it's just taking up your seat. Yeah, can't go in the express lane with all this shit. All right. So you're gonna have to stand for a little while 'cause I have to introduce everybody. We take my time. In that case. I'm taking a neat way. What do you want you Brown. He's just me protests. The giant. He put that. I love. Oh. Genesis over finally cheddar current finally protests of the you love such a sweet protest. Girls girls pretty. Thank thank you. Thank friend's dad used to say that when sisters fighting, you'd walks in the room and even better what they were fighting. Girls girls you both pretty women fight about. I'm pretty Karen. Say, really it really raises my hackles when I'm arguing with a man and somebody uses that line. Trying to diminish us by comparing us to Whitman q.. Awesome. Yeah, no, it's a Goto line. Oh, say girls, girls, you know you're both pretty or whatever. Really? Yeah, just two guys. If you call them ladies, I did only her soul to. I didn't know that. The okay exit protesting. But I feel like he's no longer protesting me. I could talk about this subject for forever, but. Instead, let's meet everybody on the panel because we got four great people here starting with art Marie. Insatiable net flicks Ed starts this Friday. It's so good. It's so good. What's why the controversy though controversial already even Heather's, or should I for like a dark comedy? It's not a fat shaming shot at all, not remotely. So what does that at all? What happens to the first forty seconds? Someone like shoot a dog ago. I'm insatiable for. Exactly what happened. I got a screener. So. It's, you know everybody in it is sort of a fucked up character and everybody has like a big hole in their soul, but it's everybody's just turn terrible people trying to fill that hole, Doug. That sounded bad. Also good. Really that would really walk the line. That was a real Johnny cash. That lie. What's also say Hello to first time guests on the show. It's Tim Dillon, everybody. Thank you very excited. Nervous, nervous and excited. Yeah. Why nervous? I don't know. I've never done it. I've said it's a couple of people said, it's hard manager. It was like, you should prepare what they just hung up the phone because you should prepare and then just hung up. I'm like, prepare why I was. So I don't know. We'll see what happens. All right. Well, I mean, you're doing great so far. Honesty is fun. Good also, no way to prepare for them. Well, that's what I kind of know. You just watch movies. I had as many as you can like looked up a few actors like I almost panicked into you my Reese going. I. I'm just as I'm going to briefly study the history of film. Yeah, the parts that shouldn't be history that most trivial part. Three months ago when Doug was like, hey, you wanna do the show. And I was like, yeah, of course. And then I forgot that I had said yes, and then I got, I got a text yesterday from Doug and he's like, see you tomorrow. And I'm like, fuck you in my mind. And the one thing I forgot is that I've always failed at this show here. My thought was what part of my life and or career is he going to drag through the mud on the podcast, let's get right to it. Why do you think you weren't in Dunkirk. That's a great question. As a person who is in to Christopher Nolan movies. I watched done Kurt. What happened to your relationship with them? What were great question I watched on Kirk and I'm like, where the fuck is the funny gynecologist. At some point, somebody has to go to like a proctology guy goes like Mel. I got bad news. I would have loved it if that opening seems like and then all the hats, all the metal hats, and then it just Tomlin and..

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