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A news update from npr now and as we take you back there it's eighteen minutes before six from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly before the end of the week president trump is expected to announce whether he plans to withdraw the us from the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement with iran britain's foreign secretary boris johnson is in washington today hoping to convince the president to stick with the agreement npr's peter kenyon says reports in the new yorker and the guardian newspaper suggests there's been a campaign to undermine those who negotiated the iran agreement they're both reporting that an israeli private intelligence firm known as black cube was engaged in an effort to discredit some of these supporters of the nuclear agreement some of its proponents the observers account links aides to donald trump to that effort former british foreign secretary jack straw told the the guardian that these allegations are extraordinary and appalling and smack of desperation on the part of the deal's opponents it didn't succeed obviously this campaign and we should say npr hasn't independently confirmed the allegations west virginia's republican primary for the us senate is tomorrow dave missed it with west virginia public broadcasting says one of the candidates former massey energy ceo don blankenship is airing ads aimed at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell the ad insinuates mcconnell is tied to cocaine by way of his wife's father who owns a shipping company which was once implicated in a drug case the primary winner will face incumbent democratic senator joe manchin in november i'm dave.

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