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Sunday Night game, cowboys, bucks, did a 25 million. CBS had the highest 1 o'clock Windows since like 1998. I don't know how you quantify it. Let's just say why? You're the expert. I think legalized gambling, you know, remember, we didn't have the legalized gambling in New York until January. Right. I think the legalized gambling, the live betting, is huge. And there's, you know, listen, TV scripted TV network TV, you know, it's on the way out. But there's still nothing like lie, anything that's live and sports is all life. Here's the thing, the WNBA had monster ratings for their finals, which took place on Sunday afternoon against the NFL. The U.S. open had their highest ratings in years. So it's just, it's sports across the board that ratings are high for. And the NFL in college will have to monster sucks. I think I just think also there's no off season. There's news every single day, you know, in college, college football had it with the realignment, the NIL, which I don't even know what that is. The NFL, all the switching and even just the broadcaster switching networks, keeps the NFL in the news. Then you have, you know, Brady retire on retire. Rogers has become that figure that he's outside of the sports world now. I just, any impact because of the pandemic slash political stuff. I'm glad you brought that up because I do think that's a factor. I do think we're in a completely different mode right now with COVID than the past two years. And the first year of 2020, I think COVID obviously wreaked havoc. Last year, things were a little better, but then in that full winter, we got hit with the omicron. And I think those are huge. I

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