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Any team can beat any other team on any given day put him on the field you never know what's going to happen which is why i giggle about the predictions in the nfl they seem to be even more fruitless than pointless than any other particular sport just as a side note a non nfl note i feel as though it's going to be the complete opposite in the nba this year you know me if you listen to the shoulder regular basis i love basketball and i love the nba i'm an nba apologised not essentially for the players but but for the game itself i love the game even when people complain that it's not interesting and la la i point to the fact that these nba finals between the cavs and the warriors were the highest rated since the michael jordan there there's in my opinion a lot to appreciate about that particular killer league but as i think about this season there is a part of me that really wonders how uninteresting and boring it's going to be slew i'm not all that thrilled about seeing these super teams where superstars are congregating and for all the framers it that's what it seems like it seems like the this handful of teams that have three or four superstars and to me it feels like it's i don't know it's going to be really boring on interesting i don't one surprise i hope it turns out to be more like the nfl and i hope that say team like a milwaukee or a team like a mess this or uh t like philadelphia potentially can make some noise and it'll be a lot more fund that i expect but it just feels like it's is turning into a lever you just go play with your buddies or as as isaac says you'd you'd get on a banana boat with your guys and that's what you do you go but will vote oh no doubt the little thunders what are you odell beckham junior knock it off at a law radio to vie me on twitter what was the biggest surprise i thank you so much for all of your responses about the open to the show we will i would ask the guy that they will cut that particular chonkin and i can tweet it and then we'll podcast that twos for people who want to hear it facebook page what was.

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