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Thanks for joining us on the suburban women problem. As Julie just mentioned, this week, red wine and blue is launching our parent playbook. It's a fun guide full of helpful advice for moms who want to organize in their communities. You can find the guide on our website at red wine blue, or at the link in the show notes. Our guest today is a man who needs little introduction. He's fought for legislation to address affordable healthcare, women's rights, climate change, and wealth inequality. He's a senator from the great state of New Jersey, Cory Booker, we are so excited to have you here on the suburban women problem. Welcome. I'm so happy to be on. Thank you so much for having me. Back in 2020, Donald Trump claimed that you personally would be coming to destroy the suburbs if Joe Biden got elected. We here at red wine and blue knew how absurd this whole claim was because all the suburban women we know would love for you to come to their neighborhood. So ever since Biden did get elected, we've been saying when is Corey coming to the suburbs. So welcome. We're glad that you're finally here. But the real question is, why do you think Trump used you of all people as the boogeyman? I think it was a form of dangerous demagoguery that unfortunately still exists. But it kind of hit home for me because in 1969 the year I was born, my parents moved into these great suburbs, but they weren't welcome. My parents had to get a white couple opposes them. Thanks to this incredible group of activists suburbanites, black and white, that came together to try to break the segregation in some of these towns. And it's actually an amazing story because they set up a sting operation where the white couples would follow my parents volunteers and my parents would be turned away from a home and then they would send the white couple and on the house of my parents loved they were told it was sold to white couple found out it was still for sale and then on the day.

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