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Like, that's what narcissism is this. This little turbo. Boost to your ego to get you over the hump of the self deprecating blocks that we have to do what you need to do. Right. And like you said sometimes it is delusional. Sometimes it's definitely like I know that the odds are against me. However, I'm Benham self Seattle is turns out a narcissist is somebody who lives in that space at all times and is willing to disrupt your space in order to preserve their. When you interact with other people, and you're hurting people through that for your own self preservation. Yes. That's when it becomes a level of it's detrimental, and what you need to watch out for for. Sure. I think we need to get some DM teams. Blue. Whistle. I can't whistle. They can. Of course, you can whistle. Get out of here. I hate her. That's a lie. And the narcissism me knows. It's a lie. I have a skill. I just I have a skill. That's not whistling. Can I demonstrate? Gruel the relearn. Agreeing again. How did you even find that? Maly only only. Oh, my you're not moving. Only. Like, how did you discover this? I just covered this eighth grade. I wanna give a shoutout to these white girls that are went to junior high with who lived in Glendale. Stacey rare men Brigitte Maier things are moving one other one. I bay started doing it. And then I was like, what's the what are you? I'm I'm literally saying girl with my mouth closed, girl, girls neural. Regal girls. I know it's terrifying. In practice. It. I find the one thing that Amanda can't do, you know? I can't is that what we did. You know? I can't find a man I can't either. But okay, there's two things. But that's also not your fault. That's on them. This is why we're friends Necas data's fucked up. They do. Part of team. Can't let these live. We came up with that. That was so good talking about misspellings and tex-. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We got them down couldn't let them live, and they don't like they don't like being called out when they're wrong. And that's kind of what we are professionals. Excuse me. There isn't about should be there. That is the singular, and we are referring to the plural of women. Yeah. Decide. No. I need us to all get that ironed out. I don't wanna see nobody else saying, you're very smart women. You are very smart women. Yeah. I don't want us. Not. You are very smart women. No. I'm a very smart one, man. Whoa. Man. Were man. Also, what's mine not minds? She got. That's mine. No. It's not it's mind. My and it's also I I am sorry for your loss. Not you're lost. Oh, no sorry for your lost. Oh, that's out here rampant. You know? What else was out here? Bless you. Ever since have you ever heard anyone say every since I was a little kid. I had someone say to me verbally. Congrats would the D. And I was like how do you spell? Congrats with any was like a tea CR. Wildly the why are you pronouncing? It come grads. You Latian 's? His favorite word. Idiot..

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