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Second wife. Diane. Who was married to my former producer Scotty, which is how she became my second wife, but long story Scott he's gone now. But anyway, Diane. Got me a different Kia now. That's very nice. I I love different Bach is she said, it'll look really good in your office. And I said, well, that's really nice over by the window. That's really nice. I said, but you know, Ramona, Mike Catt the small CAD night, actually, not my cat. My son Zack's cat. I've been babysitting him for about six years. Anyway, Ramona just loves to chair these things up in different Baki are very bad for cats because if a cat bites into a different area. It just tears them apart. I mean, it just it it paralyzes their jaw now. I have never seen this firsthand. I've just read about it. Who so I you know, I like different Bocuse on. I had different is I had a lot of different difficulties before I had cats. But when I got cats, I got rid of the different Bachir. The original cat. I had was Doonesbury the cat and I loved Doonesbury the cat. Doonesbury? You know, I got rid of the different Dewsbury was pretty good with all of the plants. I hadn't house then except for one. And that was the Laverne the fern who is in a big bowl type wide pot that I had in the family room, and it looked beautiful and Doonesbury decided that Laverne the fern was a perfect bed for her. And she would just go improper Heine into the fern. And there was no stopping her. She just eventually ruined the fern. So I got rid of Laverne the firm but dues rate ever bothered any of the other plants Dewsbury is pretty cool. But you know, I had I wouldn't I got Doonesbury. I think I had like three or four different boxes. But I got rid of them. I gave them to my mom. I said here have some plants all yours and got a cat. Okay. Then my sister got a cat. And I said you gotta get rid of the different. My mom says no, we're not getting rid of the cat bites some bad things. So they took the different botulism and put them out on the low ni-. Where the cats didn't go cat stayed in house. They didn't go out in the little by the pool. So they, you know, they they kept that may they had cats and and other house plants at the cats didn't bother but Ramona destroys houseplants and Diane gets me a different bocci that Ramona can destroy an Eaton be paralyzed. She stuck the thing in my office. And she says, I don't think it will go near it. Well, when I'm not here during the day, I shot and locked the door. So the cat go and cannot go in there because I'm really paranoid about this. I have a plant that is making me paranoid. And just because you're paranoid. Doesn't mean that they're out to get you. But anyway, I have a plant. That's making me paranoid. I you should not have plants that make you paranoid. But it was a gift from Diane. And I just you know, what what am I going to do how am I going to handle this? I tried to be directed. I said, listen, you know, we can't do the cat. Cats could be fine. Well, during the you know, the time that I am at home. And I go into that office cat doesn't and it's up on on a table. It's on a desk by a window catches doesn't go up there. But I'm just you know, I'm terrified that. I'm going to leave the door open sometime in the cat's going to go in there and eat the plant and have a paralyzed mouth, and I'll come home, and it'll just be a mess. You shouldn't have to live this way. Although it's a beautiful plant. I'm enjoying the plant, and it's already starting to grow, right, right? From the very beginning. I see fresh shoots coming right out. No shock time or anything. But I did I did I said she goes, you know, it's going to go into shock because we just put it in here. I said, no, it's not. She goes why I said because I have something that will stop that from happening. So I went out until I grudge, and I got my little tiny bottle of super thrive and put one capful of super thrive into a gallon jug and added water, and I took that and that is now the watering can for the different back here. And I watered it with that with the super thrive, and it didn't use much of it just about, you know, not even a court just water big pot. And the amazing thing is not only did the plant not go into shock it. It just, you know, shooting out new shoots. It looks really good terrified that the cats going to go in there and eat it. It's not a way to live. So now that I tried the super thrive in it worked as far as keeping it from going into shock. Maybe the super thrive is keeping the cats from going into it. So now, we have this whole new inspiration. I have this whole new inspiration because I've got a spot in my living room. Just a perfect spot in a in a corner where I could put one of the weeping fig plants, and they are famous, and I'm afraid to cast gonna tear it up, but they are absolutely famous for dropping their leaves as I've said before many times, I had a several of them in the house and Tarpon springs, and every time you moved one they drop the leaves you you get one you put it where it's supposed to be and you leave it there. And you know, it's going to drop the leaves as soon as you do it. Well, I I think I'm gonna go get one and bring it home immediately water it with the super thrive is see that avoids the shock. I've never I've never tried that before so that would be a fun little experiment, and you know, I don't have a life. I just like to do. Little experiments with plants and listen to my Alexa. But I tell her to to play. Hey, mister spaceman every day when I come home, by the way, it's it's a new adventure. For me. I have to decide what song I'm gonna walk in the door and ask Alexa to play for me. It is that fun. This is what my life is. And Alexa place in today was hey, mister spaceman and I walked down and listen to the birds. Hey, mister spaceman is pretty cool. But anyway, getting back to the to that if I get the week weeping fig and stick it where I wanna stick it and use the super thrive. I will report back and let you know what happened. You know, the only time I ever use super thrive that I can think of I probably use it more than this. On my house plants is when I had a condominium that I lived in. I had a balcony, and I had a lot of the house plants out there, and I would move them in for the winter. And when I would move those plants in for the winter, I would always water them outside with a little solution of the super thrive before I moved them in. I thought that was good in one year. I didn't move them in in time. I don't know. I was busy and just one night. It got really really cold and those most of those plants were cold damage, and I immediately you super thrive on them and every one of them came back they came back wonderfully. So, but that's been in the seventies. That I did that, you know, seventy eight seventies. I had called on the seventy s so that that's when I did that. And I haven't used super thrive on house plants that I can remember, but you know, 'cause brains going maybe I have but that I can. Remember, I don't think I've used super thrive on house plans with the exception of now with the different Bachir to keep it from going into shock, and I'm going to get a weeping fig, I'm just I'm going to do that. And I'm going to see two things I'm going to see thing number one that that keeps it from going into shock and thing number two. If that keeps Ramona the cat away from them. And she doesn't go and terrorize it now if she goes and terrorizes that I'm going to have to get rid of the weeping fig because Ramona will go and terrorize it. So the other option that I have if it doesn't work out in the house would be to take it out into the backyard implant it, but the one thing you have to understand about weeping figs is it they have a root system, by the way. You can't do this up north. You can only do it in Florida, and there are several counties in Florida Lee county would be one of them that I know of that band's you, you are not allowed to plant one of these things outside because of the root system the root structure of those things is enormous. They spread out, and they eat plumbing, and they eat other plants. I mean, it is just terrible. So if I were going to do that, I would have to take it back to the fence way back to the fence and planet there and just let it grow, and it would grow enormously, and it would be very nice looking tree outside. So I'm going to try this out. I'm going to go buy one and see what hap-. You know, what's the worst that can happen by planet.

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