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Five right here on talk radio twelve ten W. PhD let's go to the phones let's talk to Vincent in Williamstown New Jersey events in the morning you're all the talk to Molly hi Vincent how are you Sir listen to this a couple days now and I have a red mark on my foot and I live with my foot doctor should I wouldn't worry about it then as time went by scandalous and now I'm going to remove my body and I don't know what to do and I'm taken with a call to see if I could remember C. H. R. O. a D. S. R. cream to put on the phone to sorry seventy eight you know a moment as I can get you think is more serious well you know what listen you're going to your podiatrist is that what you've been doing your podiatrist Sir but Dr yes yes listen to me do you have diabetes by any chance yeah good how old are you Vincent how old are you ninety four B. ninety five sits on this soon your kid but listen to me you have a primary care doc right give a primary care doctor yeah okay I want you to get in to see him next week is he is he having office hours do you know one of the worst day day that you come in one by one yeah I want you to get in there okay because this doesn't seem it could either be you think it could be a bite of some kind because I'll tell you I think that people catch yeah right now right let me tell you something I don't think it is but but you better get in to see your primary and let me tell you why I say that you know and I want you to see see him in person not just on the TV okay I mean and if he won't see you would you travel to Philly would you travel to Philadelphia my friend very very hard for me all right I H. driver now I don't drive too slow no one I guess maybe your kids or something yeah well listen I want you to call your doctor and get in to see him I was going to save my mind medical director is in his Philly office that tomorrow I will call him and let him squeeze you win but listen to me you really need to see somebody and if it is a bite you want to make sure you're on the right antibiotic okay sometimes it could be cellulitis or something in addition to that we had a patient just this week who got a bike from what I guess is a brown spite or something and I would wouldn't be surprised if turned it does come with some kind of cellulitis that we have to treat both with the I. V. meaning we have to hydrate them and also the good doctor put him on a a particular type of antibiotic I really want you to call your guide first thing tomorrow okay okay Vincent thank you Vincent god bless you good good luck with that thank you for the call out election I thought the same thing you did when the red spots I thought diabetes center yeah I just wanted to make sure he had a wound that wasn't a problem but I will tell you that people are getting out and about right now John and it's being it's very interesting they're getting actually right here in my own family I think somebody got bit by a tick and we all know what that can lead is a post nine dizzy F. and so immediately immediately we we the doctor put her on an antibiotic which is DOCSIS cycling in that case which she had no allergies were just don't go out ask somebody for doctor slightly because if you have an allergic reaction where the doctor has to know you you know bottom line was she was put on DOCSIS cycling the dress and you could see the thing turning down what we didn't want to happen is the post Lyme syndrome switch you know I handle a lot of yes you do and speaking of that you know we wanted to make sure that people understood in these times everything is covered nineteen and so on but right we forget things other things and and you've created a lot of different medical challenge his line and one of them was Lyman absolutely line line I'm telling you the post line can be terrible and it mimics so money other things I mean you can have you can have joint pain muscle pain spasms I mean it's just unbelievable and again we have a protocol for that and as you well know one of my patients who I wish we could get on the air maybe we can if we do some taping this yes of patients right yes Lisa is a good example of that she writes a blog about it and believe it or not utilizing some of the old Lyme disease protocol we've been able to help now I won't we having cured it we have an absolutely cured it but we've given her a chance to at least get back into the game and that's the point and Lyme disease is one of those is that it's it's a very challenging very challenging you've talked about that all the time right because there are so many systems involved and then what happens is you have a depressed immune system from there on out and my goodness you've got real problems now we also had a young man who came to us he was and is following up with us he was a trainer as you know and of course now he's out of work and we were talking on the phone and he said my god Dr Molly I don't know what I would have done without you in your docks because he said I was just bedridden with this Lyme disease so yes there are things we can do it in includes vitamin C. but also include some other things all right at this talk about it the the Lyme disease or just about everyone in order everyone your protocols requires hydration and and nutraceuticals at all of those maybe some sub clinical disaggregation all meds and again it's how you use it that's the thing and and so your protocols or your treatment of Lyme disease is obviously different because you've had so many patients and I've talked to them post line yeah most times that they told me don't come in anymore because there's nothing we can do for you we won't say that the university I have never said that we want this first of all I believe in the good lord and I know there's always hope and the thing is that it is the kind of thing that you have to stay on top of again it's about reserve John you hear me talk about that all the time when your reserve goes down certain anti oxidants certain nutraceutical certain amino acids something as simple as co enzyme Q. ten you feel fatigued so there are ways to bring all of these things together in a recipe and help someone through a particular challenge you know you said something last week and all the years I've known you've worked with you you said something that resonated because I used to think to myself the vitamin C. and and the hydration and people say oh well you know you you urinated out and it was insured and then you said but the reserve is what's important that's right and and then the light went off in my head is well that's how that's how I don't have a cold you know what here's the thing this isn't like an oil change in your car we like to we like to use sort of metaphors for things like an oil change well we're talking about the EDTA and what that does that's like an oil change when we're talking about utilizing reserve of of hydration it means that we know that you're going to lose some of this you're going to lose less in terms of what we do in terms of actually being biologically active my A. I. V. than you do from oral because you can ingest enough right so it's the reserve that's less and you'll notice that all of my cancer patients when before they leave what why doing I'm doing a urine test on vitamin C. or not yes when they leave yes and there's a reason for that because I want to see a high level excreted out because I know the level they got and then I can sort of in in verdict that and actually figure out how much they got in a percentage based so it's the is that pretty much the situation with all of the protocols matters reserve yeah it's reserve we gotta get we got to get certain things and listen everything needs to be in balance to what you know there are certain types of vitamins and minerals that work together synergistically and there are certain things that are diametrically opposed so we don't want to use those so you really got it you got to think this is a thinking person's game what we do is right thinking person and this is the art of what we do it's like you know I often talk to doctor tester about what you know medicine medicine there is certainly the pure science of medicine but there's also an art to medicine and what we do is exactly the art of medicine and if you ever met doctor Molly and you sit and talk with her at the wheels are spinning all the time I can see that and that's what keeps me up I was just talking about not sleeping right keeps me up at night because I think of individuals that we're dealing with and we're gonna talk we're coming up shortly on a break but we're going to talk after the break you know normally without covert nineteen what you do and what innovative medical dollars and some of the other conditions that you treat heart disease cancer support center said we'll talk about all of that after the break but we just wanted people to understand what you do and that the you're still you know you you because a cover nineteen the cancer didn't go away or the heart problems and go back exactly so that's why we're we're we're talking about this but I also want to ask you we were talking about nutraceuticals and I know you just want to touch on this that it will in cosmetic surgery and they're using nutraceuticals they're not the surgeons aren't necessarily thank you for the healing right and for the for the building blocks for the collagen but what's really interesting is my dear friend Harvey glasses retired Dharam everyone knows him in cherry hill Marlton yet a huge practice yes he's a great guy and he's actually consulting with me on a little bit of product that we're putting together but he brings me something a a physician's magazine any parts wanted for Molly because he knows I'm going to read it right but what's interesting is it goes on and want to talk about hair loss and the use of nutraceuticals and I found that interesting because we have a protocol for hair loss how about that yeah and M. S. N. it is not that transplant no no no take over from the the surgeons but what's interesting is course we use stem cells are P. R. P. and we've had great success but I think it's not just the stem cells are doing it but what we're doing in the IV coming up on a break it's healthwatch Sundays every Sunday eight till nine talk radio twelve ten W. P. H. E. Dr Molly fantasia is here's a PhD Dr executive director and founder of innovative medical associates located.

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