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The players Drew Bledsoe was out there and more variety players were there that were involved in the just if if you want to get a little popcorn, you miss me on on the Hummadi. So you know, you went down even had your popcorn and you just look down and you look back member, you well, Mel really know you then. Yeah, it was a blink blink of an eye, but I do. It's interesting. We always laugh when we see that come in for however much it is resilient. How many, how do you how to movie production companies begin to continue to pay residuals to all the people along. All right. Well done. So congrats. You're gonna keep getting those forever. Good question. Mike. You see, all right, let's get back to football showy. It's a monster game in Baton Rouge. Of course, Georgia and LSU in at tiger stadium, not at night. Maybe that helps Georgia, but in the afternoon, Ian Fitzsimmons of Freddie and Fitz Simmons's. They're covering that for SPN radio, and then you're off to Atlanta for the Buchan ears and the one in four, falcons, Ian, good to have you with us, man. What is the single biggest. Question that you're looking forward to having answered when Georgia battles LSU shoot it. Let the know if anybody remembers the name of star quarterback that left Jerry Maguire in the hotel room. Melwood Mel, what is it? I know it. You know, what is it in. I mean, I been quote one scene from you. Look guys. Kush is on the big screen. Again. Hey, I just. Who slash. What did radio all years with Ian does one thing that nobody else does starting? Never done it since we've been working together. You talk about, let's talk pro grid college grid, Ian. Does that would lead is gonna go pro dread or. Right. And how many times did you say every I did with you? Twenty years. Maybe we're bringing the one. Now. College grid, we got Furger. It begins today with the college holiday. Attack.

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