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Any political you would not have with that but again we we've been trying to present him as the quote unquote newseek versus the troubled old zeke and all of a sudden that sounded a whole lot liked the troubled old zeke who might have something to high horde o'neill who we hit a measure to prevent him anyway let's just how it's come a view that how you proceeded if cry largely how eric dickerson are hall of famer right here on undisputed i started the ball rolling loved what i saw a loved the physique i loved the new attitude i think this is a new guy that's the i'm running with that football runway day okay you can roam with that with eighty perception what he got from zeke from spinning the amount of hate that i thought the newseek would at least give us a minute to minute hey i had a great time and i was just i rededicated to training nojud on question we were the last time in a crowd of players you signed one autograph i signed audio no i'm just saying in a a place you signed one you know one minute leads to to twominute lead the five five lease the ten you have yet to talk about seattle in doubt what we're talking about what i did in kabul that's unimportant by the way nobody asks for autographs him or there won't pictures obviously but once one start your right just becomes a warrant and i will take every picture wherever you ask i will take everyone is long and meanwhile my better half is sitting there saying i thought we were going to eat dinner together tonight right grow again i i do it every time i have no problem with the media asking i also have no problem zeke ending the interview because what he was there to talk about wasn't about the past six weeks how he did it a what he did aware he went he was there to talk about seattle he's there to talk about the cowboys in what that team needed to do in order to get this because i get it that's fine but don't you see that it was a little startling that the newseek wouldn't even touch it you it he acted like like it's something.

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