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The president president disinvited entire group of people athletes from the white house and a visit is some of them are going to go there my answer is no my answer is whether it's president trump it was president obama either the president bush's president clinton whoever comes as the president of our excellent or credible country in the future if you require a litmus test of one hundred percent agreement everyone has to want to be around the president that i think what you're doing is actually unamerican many people many people did not visit president obama's white house and every white house preceding that but just the juxtaposition between left and right president obama didn't disinvite the rest of the group tony larussa alva holes did not want to be part of a visit to obama's white house people didn't want to be part of a visit to president george w bush's white house i happen to believe both of those men president bush and president obama great men presidents who deserves to be honored on your president not everyone's going to agree with you and you shouldn't be forced to go to the white house you shouldn't be forced to stand in front of the president if you don't want to be in his presence if you don't agree with his politics i respect anybody doesn't want to go to the white house don't agree with all of them but i respect it tony larussa albert pool halls the list goes on those guys have every right not to be there whatever their politics and i think it's problematic and it's unfortunate the president made this decision by tory smith receiver last year for the eagles tweeted out the following so many lies shaking my head here are some facts one not many people are going to go to noone refused to go simply because trump insists folks some three the president continues to spread the false near that players are anti military now not everyone obviously agrees with this stephen young tweets of the time to be a politician and a time to stage statesman this is the ladder and trump as usual has failed realized that but it sportswriter sports reit are barely metal tweets i like i like a lot of the policies the president has done and we'll do i voted for him as him as a person not.

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