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Um digital it was it was shocking and i told that story i am the end of lake sebu invited me to uh uh butbut okay get back to where you are dick okay so they i had bell come in from australia idea any comment from chicago where he was in a play and it was dark that uh sunday nobody and again to buy a house we talk in advance eagles greek jeez and then sat down and read the script and by the time the script reading was over never had another reading in never read it again we've just it was perfect they were perfect they were hysterical that will wonderful there were emotional and when he say what what is it what what keppel the series going for four films and hopefully five if you all right in and when i wrote his maybe alive and uh it was built gibson danny glover yacht that marriage yes extraordinary young while it sure worked is your work big time and i'm not to mention the staging of some of those action suit all yet i mean they're they're to complete you know and those in those are not cgi those are not no view degenerated effect zone you really he really did that stuff it's the only way i kept through these cgi pictures now it's start tangible would sign you have you talked to a greens creed greenspan your and yet you're you're also the guy though who did make us believe that christopher reeve was flying bs but that was before computers yes i know and that fellow azzarra unadorned pesic uh huh.

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