President Trump, Sheila Cockrel, Detroit City Council discussed on PBS NewsHour - How the 1967 riots reshaped Detroit, and the rebuilding that still needs to be done


The report was rejected by the president none of its recommendations were ever adopted the fact that it never went anywhere they really did not drive the level of policy and drive the level of a people dealing with race on is a testament to how deepseated and how tough it is to not only half the conversations but to make the change that would be required sheila cockrel who served on the detroit city council for fifteen years says white flight already plaguing detroit escalated rapidly after the unrest other forces were at play the auto industry was hit by an oil crisis send foreign competition there were two decades of government corruption in two thousand eight the global financial crash it detroit particularly hard and then in two thousand thirteen detroit became the largest municipality ever to file for bankruptcy today detroit police are adamant that they are trying to repair their relationship with the public they've trained police officers in all twelve precincts to build stronger community ties officer donald parker build trust in building now is is filtering in the community jane hide mrs jones insane hey we're here we here with touchable where reachable to let them know not to be afraid of us the composition of the force has also changed in nineteen sixty seven it was five percent african american today it's about sixty five percent african american including the chief james craig well what happened fifty years ago i can say would never happen in detroit because they're still issues i mean we highest poverty rates and while we have an above average relationship to community.

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