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You saw it. And now we're living with the results. Newsradio KLBJ. I'm Eric Wykeham. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says every Senator will have access to the FBI report on supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh soon as it's completed the FBI reportedly finished and voting this week. On the cavenaugh nomination. The FBI is investigating sexual misconduct allegations against judge cavenaugh that allegedly took place during his high school and college years a spokeswoman for Republican Senator Ted Cruz says a package addressed to cruises Houston campaign headquarters caused the lockdown which was later lifted. Houston fire department says two were taken to a hospital after being exposed to a white powdery substance. Apparently, no word on their condition. I weigh one eighty three in east Austin going to see some changes starting this month, central Texas regional mobility authority says they're closing down crossroads from fifty first street the bomb road through place them with non signalled u-turns KLBJ radar weather, watch fog, overnight, low of seventy three get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. Don prior enough had more people ask me, Don who is that hearing Dr you've been talking about. Well, let's Dr Christian keener at illuminaries audiology. And tonight is center she has really really helped me I've been working with Dr keener. And I've learned that I do have tonight is and some high frequency hearing loss, so Dr keener outfit ame- with some amazing hearing technology that has made a big difference for me when.

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