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Draw the line I feel like there's food either you've never had I feel like there is too I'm trying to think off the top of my head though I don't know name some things maybe maybe people do naming food with no I just had my first lobster roll is that wild you before right yeah I'm slowly trying all the seafood because my taste buds change I used to hate it and now I'm like you you're trying all the seafood yeah the same Hey Jeanine thank you thirty six years old and you've never had to get ready for your minds to be blown and you've never had but I wonder about you never had a toggle until a month the goal how does that happen really that break out so did you like I had a date but I don't even know this like it's really a taco did you learn that you don't learn the nutrition pyramid I thought no because you're in the middle vegetables are at the top and McDonald's is the whole you never become all and we not in elementary school to what's going on here you an alien right every day like Peter thank you have a great day every day every day full yeah but that's a real here now Hey Jeff Jan you for the first held you first of all thirty thirty into the first time you just had you just had a burrito where from yeah I'm I don't even remember the name of the place setting black a list wow so your your thoughts on it were that you've been missing out exactly yeah you don't go to pull it all like I do but I always get like if you could be our no kidding I will walk only yes thank you fascinating I can't believe this Hey is it merry no matter how you doing man was going on we love that thank you so much you've never had in nearby I've never had a pint of lager and jelly sandwich I know however had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I've been twenty six like yeah I read about I use it like salmon Turkey sandwich yeah I've never been a better yeah yeah you never had the urge to make one just to try it because you know it's like an American stable and honestly I haven't had I was like twenty one yeah I don't think I would like the combination to be honest with you because I think it's a oftentimes jealous too sweet for me so I don't I don't cuts it yeah because it's yeah yes but I don't even use jelly like on anything like it comes at the table biscuits whatever I don't put jelly and I like a butter sandwiches like soul is sticky yeah right hi Kelly delicious really eat those either but I mean like when when given the choice as a kid I would eat the cheese sandwich of that or the meat sandwich before I get to be a better job so thank you and have a good day it was a thing of this whole thing started because Kylie Jenner claims that she just tried several of its cereal and milk for the first time we get calls at life changing on Twitter which I did it is but it was life her her dad was on a Wheaties box she's had cereal with no.

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