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And conditioner use it all over my body. The loss of a job I on Rag I create my own two in one for for men. I don't know if anyone's done joke about this. But for men they should have just like a fifty two and one everything in one like shipping dream deodorant deodorant paste motor oil. Oh absolutely every possible thing that you can eat. So I'm I'm curious. How many bottles of shampoo you are in all of our homes and I'm sure like one of the man and then probably the rest are not so? I'm curious how many total the offending not trying to cut her finger in the air on five people in our family with all different types of hair. So there's different types. Then there's there's so my oldest son Amit has very very very curly hair and it gets dry super fast so I have amused curling moisturizer. You know shampoo conditioner. Samuel has very straight hair but he has a lot of hair. It's very full. So he has and Calvin has a lot very fine hair so he has different and then load. So how many frigging Sham. I Apologize. We have the five bottles of shampoo and five conditioners one for each of our air types for each person has five for each one twenty five bucks. Each person has one shampoo and conditioner. But isn't that kind of spread out between two showers because like my shower. I have just my stuff in in there and then the kids bathroom. There's like fourteen different. Half used their bathrooms just like a disaster thirteen year. Old Girl too to so she is half the hair care products wells easily. They they switch them so sometimes like I want to take a shower and mom shower because it has better pressure and so a lot of there is an ours actually. I'll admit at times I have seen my caught a glance of like one of the names of Jessica Shampoos and it's like roasted toasted vanilla almond coconut and it sounds so good. I want drink. It just put all saw all use it sniffing and like every once in a while I just I just squeeze a little squeeze in the male version of that as like head and shoulders shoulder charcoal. I pretty much use head and shoulders. If I don't use it I just looked like I. I don't know like winter like Father Christmas. So do you guys find. Why did you and Joe Biden creepy? Are we leading. The witness asked that question. How do you feel about Joe Biden? Loaded how creepy do you find. Joe By one to Joe Biden. Asking how creepy is nine and a half to Babylon has told me that Joe Biden is creepy. Therefore he is creepy i. She's a very good way. The I didn't really know anything about it until probably the last year when Kyle started showing me all these pictures as of him and Mike. Wow don't come around my kids but yes I feel like. He's very creepy and southern when somebody's like he's not creepy. I just pull up a picture. Who really does not creepy? And I think he's creepy now. Well he also very strangely recently a camera they were the context and you give the context of this very strange clip. We have. It's just it's just him saying. So it's after the Iowa Caucus and Joe Biden is in New Hampshire talking to a crowd for Hammer Emma Rally for him and a lady stands up. I assume WHAT'S THE LADY I. I guess I shouldn't assume. But she stands up with the microphones time talk and she asked him like well. If you're going to be if you've been the vice president you've already been in the White House if you can't pull higher or do you hire an Iowa. How're you supposed to win against Donald Trump and he gets very very defensive about it and he basically says like have you ever been to a caucus and she's like yeah I have and she's like oh you're lying so I called her very interesting name so just to be clear that you lying doug? You're you lying dog faced pony soldier. Yeah I guess I read online. He's quoting like John Wayne movie from one hundred years ago people said Malarkey Yeah Malarkey is yeah maybe the. Maybe that was the film. I don't know what would the John Wayne Malarkey. Movie being like Malarkey in the old West or something yeah. Malarkey and Arkansas's didn't he also recently kiss granddaughter on the lips and they're really awkward. It looks like it's like family. I'm a little okay. You guys have your tradition. That's fine but it's the old fashioned but when it's him and you're like like like he has to have aids and stuff that are around him going. Hey you gotta.

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