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Have some late payments so what i suggest you do a contact in this ed's a lot of work with contact all of your creditors where you go going for late payments call them up or email and say this is what's going on they will not release might password i have to go in and i'm out of the country and i will be for the next month and i want accurate will go up i haven't i because i have to make your phone call and to making arrangements i have made all team thing i have nothing they earn all right so what your question money it bank had the right to do that whom i don i mean it's chelsea be jerk speights what do you want let me put it that way but a blog if you're not late and you're able to make arrangements that you have lost your credits and you have the money to make the payments anyway and they're sitting in on account which they should let you i change your password from wherever they held you are what are your damages what do you want well i your convenient no it is hugely inconvenient but all you can do is ask for damages ukip with the bank in jail i can't go down it is because or what are what are they now which is you have to sue for money that's the only thing you assume fours money how much is inconvenience worth i just want to know what you would do for you walk into court your honor i want how come lunch heppner i tend shave probably hear and whatever amount ice would be unreasonable oh god ars regularly all right now there is saw i what was he gonna say there is another side of this and that is think about this for a moment if the bank manager let you go in and not do.

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