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Radio this is jared on justice after more than fifty hours of deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial a jury of five women and seven men announced they were hopelessly deadlocked the judge under the law declared a mistrial so the charges were main and prosecutors of vowing to retry cosby the miss trial underscores the difficulty improving a thirteen year old he said she said case the accuser testified but cosby did not which is his constitutional right jurors however did hear his testimony from a civil lawsuit in which he admitted using quay lose to have sex with women the judge also allowed a woman other than the accuser to testify that she too was drugged in assaulted by cosby but the comedians attorney argued that the women consented dan were motivated only by money also the jurors may have wondered why the accuser continue to have contact with cosby after the alleged assault it's possible the second trial may end up with the same reason for jared on justice i'm greg jarrett now is the dawn of ours this is how that they had eyes nasa clause ground zero i think you'll like for garmin oh god.

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