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Fifty t. news break Russia, is now demanding that the US provide evidence of, election interference, Russia's, ambassador, to the. US told reporters in Moscow, Wednesday, that, Washington, needs, to, provide evidence that Russia interfered Anatoly off said no matter how many accusations are made the key demand is to furnish evidence which has not been done and to not went on to say the meddling allegations are total nonsense he also said there were no secret agreements. Made during the Helsinki summit between President Trump and Vladimir Putin bills for NBC News Radio at least, three democrat lawmakers on the house to subpoena the US translator from the Trump. Putin meeting to find out what was said behind closed, doors the search continues for a fourth victim after a mid air collision between two planes over Miami yesterday detective Alvaraz Ebola with the Miami Dade police has the, latest on the investigation we have been able to physically. See three individuals deceased and we're thinking that possible only because, we're thing that we're hearing that. Two planes were training and at least to believe that there were two on each one the piper PA thirty four and, a Cessna one seventy two went down yesterday after Noon about nine. Miles west of Miami executive airport one of the planes bears the name dean international Miami flight school the NTSB says had three fatal crashes over the last twenty years police and Boynton beach still investigating a fatal overnight shooting after a man was found dead inside a parked car near. Seacrest boulevard if you have any information please call crime stoppers tired auto racing star danika.

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