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It's be subtle road a subtle hints and this book is i'm again i'm gonna get a goethe on. It is going to say tampa brady tells it right. He was happy tampa bay brother. Now that's already taken. I might get sued if i use that. I ain't heard tampa brady obey. Broken real manner towns crazy huma if the raise would have won this year new forget it the had all the fucking trophies that's bullshit and you see. We got toronto down here playing if they win mean s kandahar trophy to resign in house. What do you tell a you telling me that. All the major major goddamn sports either one or almost one in they down here to play in tampa and that years they win if we don't get a little bit of that shit right there. That's part bus. Everybody getting a little florida and getting wild. Everybody's love florida right now. He's speaking of sports. Let me ask you a question. Do what what age do you plan on retiring if you if you could actually set age like this is what i want to retire. It probably in the sixty or sixty five a. Oh so you're trying to retire next. Ten years shut the fuck up z. Snoopy yeah i would think she would've make forty four now like you're right like sixty sixty five. That seems like a good age. The next sixteen twenty years for us on alma. So so so what you have. You have like go out what you wanna do when you retire like you got any plans or you just chill. But i'm a bust fed s show. But i'm gonna be busting at every fucking sporting event that data's provides I'll be at the tickets now. I don't think i'll get season tickets. I won't be there. You usually just said you're going to be at every damn event. I mean that's season tickets. You can get discount these. Yeah but i don't wanna be on the same say you know what i mean like. I wanna see it from different views. Because that's bad asu when you're able to just go wherever you want in the stadium. You know what i mean. Mass sounds like tinder shit. I wanted to sit in the same suit who want to try out different seats because you know what i mean like has doubled rope like i want to stand up the whole game sometimes. Just walk around and check out the host debut. Cheer when i won't like we you just say you don't wanna be boosie because everything that just came your mouth on booze but you know what i think i'll take you know we'll give some clubs seats you right talking about and fucking get the club seats. We'd be all right. Hey long as you get some bad ass season tickets. Who cares if at least you know. She's a good every time you go and you could sell case. You don't want to go because it's good ass. Try to be modest like a motherfucker but hey let's go for the club seats The buffet off fucking bad as like a motherfucker hellier as those expensive takes out of had buffet in a couple of stadiums standing. You know you get your own house you own. It ain't that may is not as much as you think because everybody's trying to be close. You know what i mean. Everybody's trying to be right there right next to the field this fucking suite two three bills and everything's for some kind of on the same page which you when i retire of always said i wanna i wanna get an rv and during football season. I wanna travel the country hit every team home game at least once. Oh fuck yeah. That's what i'm talking about. I do the same thing for baseball. I may pick a baseball Baseball hit at least every stadium. College football. I mean that would be my Travel rounded just watch sporting events. The ultimate goal would be to go to every stadium for me in baseball. I wanna see every stadium broke. because that's fucking history. You know what i mean and of course you wanna go up there and see the fucking yanks and seat bucking the red sox idiom because that's history like dude. I don't talk about every single stadium in that year. Just travelling around. I mean how dope would that be fuck. Yeah dude fuck. Yeah i mean that'd be fucking bad as everybody else who don't wanna go in. Don't relax to be mad as fucking fam- my kids be pissing motherfucking. Not think about this. They're not going to be pissed off because if they don't want to go into game they chill. Rv you got wi fi air just playing video games. They own a phone big good this. Will we talk about retirement oldest doing.

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