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The the the future dentist coming through as did. Today are so much more involved in dentistry than any of us in the class of ninety seven where like that like like but it also i also see it in the courses that we that we do here you know. It's predominantly definitely predominantly ten years or less out and it's really almost five years or less out and they want the skill set early and had i not had a mentor. That pushed me to implant the minute. I got out of school Like i'd be like the rest of my. I look at my dental school. Classmates like there's a couple of the place implants and They just they never learned yonne like many of them. I swear to enough see aegis to to maintain their license because it's like a ways to the end in like that's not all of them. Trust me but like today. Like i don't i don't see any of these asda. I don't see any of these dental students anything like we did. You know like they're in it. Well you know they have such a network that we never had opportunity to have you know All the social media that they do all the cases they see they see other people in real time doing things that they would potentially think they couldn't do or shouldn't do okay or or don't have the access to and i find it phenomenal The stuff that that can encourage somebody to go on and get more education that is just in your daily Social media blog blows me away. I look at them. All right. you just met Steve or holt in here like he posts complications out of that clinic every day. You'd be surprised how many people it'd be like like like that's crazy. Like i've seen that before was like well like he's he puts it out there because it's era every day and it's in his great content and you know you might pick up like a little pearl right out of like how he managed that or how he stitched that up or like. There's something there's something about that like. i'm proud to say. I went to dental school before. Cellphones i remember getting a pager was a big deal like that. Was technology savvy picking on because you went to school with cell phone. Yeah there are cell phones. Pagers to we were on call their pagers brick. It's fun to see all the social media and it's actually I can say it so. I've been posting my work for the last maybe five years. And it's improved my own dentistry. So much and development i for dentistry where you know i would see anti-turkish before and think wow that look good. Because they're all white now you look for those nuances in color and detail and same surgery. I mean you. Can you just learn all of that on the daily posts whoever's willing to share be vulnerable that information but i also think that it's helping that's i think it also helps bridge a little bit of that You know gp super gp specialist deals like. I bet a third of the people. I follow our period on us and surgeons and processed on us. Because why do i follow him. 'cause like they do cool stuff like make you say your your your deal here in a minute like they do special things right and i wanna learn or i wanna learn where that resources that i can have my patient that needs that. Have that done. You know so I I did commission friends since facebook group. message boards just like. Hey listen like. We're gonna have dan on the on the show what you know. What do you want to ask you know one of the predominant things you know that people are talking about today on social media is like okay should i or should i not re- renew my ad membership because there is a there's an undercurrent out there that feels that the ada didn't do anything or didn't do enough for them or whatever that is and i think the two of you have a very unique perspective on this. And that's where. I want to kind of shut up and let you guys talk as i. I know in my art. That the that the amount of time. Which i want you to speak do that you that you put in through all these years of getting to where the presidency and the amount of time that you've spent through this covert thing and chris in you know you've been active in the state board and doing the same thing on the state level because there's two different levels they're like you the ada and then you have the states and for me being licensed in multiple states like you know the state level is really like what is important to my license like that. I mean that's an important piece of maintaining my license. How practice in that particular state. So dan give us a little perspective or some context on how covert hit the ada. Wow that we have another four hours and fifty minutes on this. Podcast so Mike mike iraq interesting stuff One of the things. I do and i always done particularly in any leadership role absorb material and news and stuff like that and so when the sole things started in wuhan. We were watching it relatively carefully In the president-elect kind of at that time was the president-elect president-elect assists the president and a lot lotta times the president preselected. Ed will travel together. And we visit a lot of people. And i i Specifically remember kinda watching this thing progress and when we saw come into washington i said I'm a little bit curious as to where this is going to go. And to be honest we were at that asda meeting in march. Those telling you and we had already started ramping up anything. We could do from an educational standpoint. Our our goal at that time was to provide as much information as we possibly could regarding the disease is disease possible and we had Really pretty inadequate. Faq's and things like that so we push push push in the a phenomenal science basis and so the science guys and their research. People were doing everything they could to find everything about it. So we put that out okay But it came home to me because i remember sitting And asda and that was wynn washington The dental school in washington said they sent out an email and says we are stopping any aerosol producing procedures And i happen to be sitting next to the ed and next to the president. And i said this is going to be a phenomenal problem Because that tolley shuts down dentistry as we know it because once an educational facility makes a determination like that they're considered expertise and therefore it's going to spread. I said how. How do we React to this And actually one of my good friends is ray chimaera the current dean at. Oh you know railway. Yes absolutely and in fact i was talking to him last night and so you tell them you're coming on.

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