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The bipartisan and lamar alexander's working on it very hard for marsa and if something can happen that's five but i won't do anything to enrich the insurance companies the president had initially signalled support for the deal trump has moved to end billions of dollars in federal subsidies to insurance companies under obamacare the subsidies were aimed in helping lower income people afford health insurance puerto rico governor ricardo rosset so is visiting the white house today some local officials in puerto rico have been critical of the government's response to hurricane maria which devastated that island territory the university of florida ease ramping up security before tonight speech by white nationalist richard spencer hundreds of florida state troopers providing security at the university florida as well as other county and gainesville a law enforcement officers governor rick scott has even declared a state of emergency ahead of the event because richard spencer speeches and other states have led to protest counterprotest violence and numerous arrests spencer was one of the organizers of the august rally in charlottesville virginia which ended with the death of a counter protester lisa carter nbc news radio the white house is disputing claims that president trump was disrespectful in a phone call to a grieving military widow this week trump allegedly told the pregnant woman her husband must have known what he signed up for the white house press secretary sarah sanders called that assertion of polling and disgusting today is the deadline for getting amazon second headquarters to your city bidding for.

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