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There's also been a lot of drama ramping up to it. I think ultimately it won't perform as well. As wonder woman at the box office. I think it will always have people who think it was some kind of failure. But I think history will look kindly on. On it the way that the first captain America film. I think came out and people were like what is this period piece? I don't this is kind of whatever this is fine. This is aggressively fine, and that movie has really grown. I think in people's estimation in the larger MC you, and I think kept a marble. We'll do similarly so I could be wrong. But I think so. Joining us that there's a whole section of the movie that feels like a Boden inflec- movie, which was really exciting to me because I love their previous work. And I think until Black Panther the sense with marvel movies is that directors individuality got a little bit blurred out by the entire marvel machine. Richard. Did you notice that too? Do you feel like there's a there's personality in this from the directors? Oh, yeah. I mean, I think I know what seen joins referring to. But like yeah there. I mean, there's there's a part of the movie where it's like an actor in full Ilian makeup. Just having a conversation with them like and like they're outside and the light is sort of pretty kind of diffuse, and it just kind of like, oh, this is really weird. But also kind of great the camera goes to hand held to. Yeah. Yeah. What movie I'm watching you? And there are a couple of other scenes especially early on. And then they're quick where where the movie just looks not like, it doesn't have the kind of bright gleam of you know, what we might think of maybe a Russo brothers marvel movie or something, and I think that that's really interesting. I think my question is whether you know, your average marvel fan will really take to that, you know, because it is kind of a funny choice. I mean, the whole enterprise has been a success, partly because they've chosen directors carefully. And I think that even when best laid plans go to, you know, go away like Edgar right dropping out of ant, man. You know, they find Peyton Reed. And like he for what he's kind of was an odd choice in it in a way, but he really worked in those movies are fun. And and this here to you kind of start to see the reasoning behind hiring voted inflect to do it as the movie goes on which which is interesting. So we I hope that people enjoy that sort of smaller hand-held intimate stuff as much as I did. But you know, again, it's a tougher sell then huge explosions and whatnot. There's also a moment where the the fill whole films stops. Also for like, a very like emotional moment from Los Leshan Lynch who plays Maria Rambo who is Carol Denver's best friend, and it's like once again, I talked to that actress, and she was like I was certain that was going to get cut. She was like a soldier no way. This is going in a marvel movie. And it's there, and I I really value that that it's there. I think I think I'm surprised by people. Who feel like this lacks emotional heft? When I think it's one of the most emotional marvel movies that I've seen and like I agree with you key. That was like the bad reputation that marvel had for a while in terms of its directors especially coming off of the whole Edgar right kerfuffle. But I think what a lot of what changed that is James Gunn doing the galaxy. Even though James Gunn is still longer working at marvel like him, putting his very individualistic spin on this, and what a wild success that was I think bold them to hire. Like taika waititi to do. The ragnarok rank Kugler do Black Panther, etc. Etc..

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