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Let me let me let me Wayne here. Appreciate the phone call. I agree that he should stay. And I'm with you that he said it to other beetle. My point is he saying it strategically and we've seen the kyri does not do what he quote unquote should do. He should have stayed in Cleveland. He would have gone to an NBA finals. He'd already helped the Brown beat the warriors. Maybe alligator, but almost certainly wouldn't have. But you never know Tyree is a guy that marches to the tune of his own drummer, man. He he just does what I think you should do Paul from Richmond. What you think he should do? What is age and thinks he should do. Not sure we really cares. Mean his flat earth silliness. I think reflects a. An interesting independence streak in how he? Allows that to play itself out for him. Very public way. I'm aware of the reports that he had a fan of vent to a bunch of fans that he wants to stay. I'm aware of the reports that from Shams at. Reporter Michelle is gonna report things that are accurate period agent words and hausky protege that. Sources are saying carries expressed he wants to be there. I'm saying people don't tell the truth. People change their minds. And there's also from several months ago, some very credible reports and rumors that perhaps Kyrie Irving was targeting the Knicks. And now there's some credible reports that Kevin Durant targeting the next. And what's the first thing you think of when you think a guy Durant or go to the next? Well, the first thing is why would you wanna play for James Dolan? But what's the second thing? You think of man, I mean, don't you want to pair up with some other guys you can win with these guys aren't doing these things making these decisions if they're accurate. Molding these things over in a vacuum. Guys, talk to each other. Guys coordinate and plan. I mean, I I would be shocked if the brawn James before he made his decision didn't have conversations with perspective free agents from this past situation and next year and make it clear who he wants to play with in LA. I would be stunned. I think the mistake. This is what happened but Paul George tan and Oklahoma City to me. Feels a lot more like a rejection from LeBron than it does a decision by PG in part because these guys make decisions together. And maybe I got that wrong. Maybe it really is that Ross the Westbrook. Had a bond. It has a connection on and off the floor with with with Paul Paul, George, and they PG stay because they're us. But then it's the same thing. These guys are coordinating together players are trying to figure out where they can go and have a combination some happiness. And have some help, you know, being a cool town, but have some help, and I don't think you can separate the kyri rumors for several months ago about the Knicks from the Kevin Durant. Rumors about the Knicks just because an NBA player says he's sticking around doesn't medias. And certainly just because sources say they're sticking around. Doesn't mean they are you whenever we talk about politics. Right. I don't want to Ivanhoe politics, political nightmare. That's not it's not a great time in our country from that perspective of listener each other. But we re just about politics sources say this about the White House say. Sources say this about the Democratic Senate minority leader, I say this about the Republican majority leader very few people believe one hundred percent that source of telling the truth, right? There's just an assumption is politics people lie. There's an end goal. What's real that isn't any different in the NBA of the NFL my experience, in fact, in some ways, it's as sophisticated or times more in how the media is used to give messages. The fate of the country and the power that comes with that two-wheeled. It is not on the line. But hundreds of millions of dollars are hundreds of millions of dollars.

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