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Kind of experience in my life is really important. You so preempted me. There's two things here because I've got my little. Story Little Arrow that says storytelling and the role of imagination, and that's for me. That's awesome about drawing on path events creating an unnamed future getting something from nothing. That's the first thing, but the thing about the child's spirit are a friend of mine loves to remember. She has parties. It's very important that people bring their children and she had a party. This was sometimes last year under fantastic band, and the kids smoke hits with jumping on a bed and screaming and somebody else to this. Not Okay, she said. Where else do they get the opportunity to the home screen? Have this much joy. It's really important that they have that freedom. And she really engaged with that and I think it's the sort of the spirit of the child you know, so. I mean which is a lot of different things, but somehow that excited engagement like the fairy lights, the freedom of expression, so that are the two points. I'm going back to my point about this role of imagination, so how when you're? Working with. Children and you're doing storytelling with much younger bonds. How does that feed into your matching imagination annual in a world? Save when you're writing your novel. Is there a link between those two things? Absolutely I think I, think for me. Imagination is key in. Everything and it's interesting what you're saying about the spirit of children as well because I think children have something. That I don't lose. The adults really need to have if we're going to solve. All of the problems of the world, because I think often to children. They have the solutions to those problems and I. genuinely would be a better place if children were in charge. But going back to that kind of involvement imagination. Yeah, I think getting to engage with. My imagination regularly. In order to what with children and engage their imaginations. Echoes out I guess in my other work, but will stay in life in that. I think you can always imagine a solution to any problem all any issue you're facing. Just about going into into that creative brain and I think when I'm writing. If I'm stuck on something I mean. and as I said I'm working on a novel and I'm working on it for about two years is doing it in between. Life and jobs and earlier this year. I was kind of made the decision, right? This is the lining to really. Focus on this. And I think often I run up against where I get stuck. You get that thing. And how this needs to go, and just remembering the actually can imagine. Ten, different eventualities for, and it's trying most sometimes before you come to the right place and I think that's off to. Children we might go in. Storytelling adventure or something, and there's a character facing something, and we might try five different things before we get that character out of the place where they're stuck. And that's all part of the fun of it as Trying different things and using your imagination to do that. If it's your question, there is perfect them at makes me think play 'cause, I know because I. Know you person. You were the woman who said this wonderful phrase which I'm now living by. That's always time to bake a cake. It's just become like a cliche in our household, because it's offered so often, but I suppose that thing is there's always time to squeeze a bit more joy out of a situation, even if things were tough and there's always room to make it better so how? Do you an Jama during this time especially make sure that you have. A playful attitude or Just play itself in a relationship in your day to day. Existence isn't about the rigors of working on setting up a new business. Yeah, I mean that's really interesting I. think it's really hard. And I think in this and I feel like I've talked a lot about creativity and. Work in things that I have to say. I've definitely fat like that's not. Sam found this time challenging and I had days where crude into bed at one o'clock in afternoon in that's been it and I think that's really important not to give a false. Has Been But I. also think you're absolutely right. We've definitely. I actually one is a few weekends ago is one of the really hot weekends. I wake up in the morning and I was feeling. A bit of a Funk is really stuck. Just couldn't quite get myself out of whatever place are stuck in? Quite own fun of journaling I interesting the I when I was younger I used to journal every day like pages and pages, and then I stopped a lot through late twenty s my started again kind of in my thirties, and I was writing my sort of general ammoniac. How can I make this fun what we descend on? The paddling pool out and so we have a paddling pool. We don't have children. We have a paddling pool. In. The paddling pool. We live in Apollo and she was walking through the streets of it and their parent of a child she's to teach. Is that your little ones in Tallahassee to admit no. Just for us. and. We've got the paddling pool. Garden, it literally takes up the whole garden. We filled up with water in cat, and and so it day paddling pool, having some cocktails and reading, and I made a sine die stuck up. This said we were having a pool party, and just it was essential. I think it's about in these situations trying to think of that. We love swimming and we'll pay out side and we can't do that at the moment, so it's about thinking about maybe the things you love doing and how you can. Bring those until life in whatever way in this strange lockdown situation. So I, guess that's an example. We've made lots of silly I. We like rewriting musicals and singing them for friends who've done a few times, the people's birthdays. We've been making videos. Someone friends kids who is too. I didn't absolutely loves definitely loves Gemma. She kind of constantly sort of she says often. This two year old is just Gemma Gemma. Gemma over and over again. She's very very sweet. We might have some videos and yeah. I think we've just been trying to keep us in subpoena. Aside from work. On feels like you know because you together on your already established that system you know of. Playing a making things and engaging and having fun, so that's not like you suddenly had to. Do something fun. You know it's in the style of you both way to a paddling pool in your garden. Even though you might not have done that, you might have still had that sense of ceremony because I've been around for dinner at your. Menu cards and those games. There's lots of stuff to engage whether it's deliberately engaging. So, what did you think of? Go live before your life now? Though some of its similar, some of it's very different. What sort of tricks do think you have from the life before this helping you survive now especially I guess. With the people, you're not saying you know family and friends who love that you can't see face to face. Yeah I guess some. Interesting A, we have very very fortunate. I have a very close group of friends who have been. There are six of US six months, yes. Who I've been friends with since I was probably about fifteen. And we're very close. We've got. We've been through an awful lot together. We have a WHATSAPP great and some days I can put it down back twenty minutes later in their seventy messages. You know, and it's a lovely, so it's like a family and I guess Interestingly, a few of us are gay and I..

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