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The W. T. M. J. breaking news center press the number two fatal accidents in southeast Wisconsin Sunday one of them killing one injuring three others in the town of Delafield to the Waukesha county sheriff's office says the vehicle struck a tree near Lampung peak state park and started on fire the thirty year old woman died at the scene a thirty year old man and two children ages three and six months were taken to a hospital the other fatal accident on Milwaukee's north side Sunday evening a sixty three year old man died near twenty ninth and center just after eight PM in the one vehicle accident anyone with information is asked to contact Milwaukee police or Milwaukee crime stoppers after hundreds gathered at the state capitol Friday protesting the extended safer at home order hundreds gathered on Facebook this past weekend to support it the page featured dozens of posts of people sharing what they are doing to slow the spread of covert nineteen my husband and I announced one of them was a Bernie at Drax here at large of Appleton she echoed a message many shared stay safe and stay home it means a lot the health care workers the more we keep out of the hospital for that matter as for those protesting she wants them to take the order seriously I hope we don't get back I hope they don't get anyone else set over fifteen hundred people have tested positive in Wisconsin for cold at nineteen the death toll at least two hundred seventy two one of the Green Bay meat processing plants that have seen an outbreak of coronavirus cases has temporarily closed J. B. S. says it began Sunday considering it the most aggressive action to slow the spread of the virus no word on how long the closure will last garden centers are listed as essential businesses under the safer at home order that means plant land in Milwaukee has remained open since their season began in March co owner Karen Jorgenson Matt tells TMJ four news they have adjusted to accommodate social distancing we've got a lot of calls for curbside pickup which were happy to do deliveries you know within a certain radius Jorgensen Matt says overall business is down slightly but virtual sales are up the pastor at one Milwaukee church says the percentage of online giving has increased during the safer at home order which has not been the case with every faith community online giving is the preferred method to donate during the safer at home order Eastbrook church pastor Matt Erickson by god's grace during this time our actual regular giving has actually remained steady he tells me realizes that might not always be the case with the governor's order going until may twenty sixth we're expecting that there's gonna be some times ahead you know where it's going to take a hit Erickson says they're staying positive fell during this time we don't take it lightly that our church community has been really really generous policy Barkley WTMJ news W. T. M. J. four counts stay active weather period to start the work week mostly clear tonight the lows around forty increasing clouds to start your Monday with afternoon showers maybe a rumble of thunder or two fifty by the lake sixty four inlets Tuesday showers and thunderstorms likely highs of sixty but look sixty five inland when searches for scattered showers and thunderstorms otherwise partly cloudy and breezy highs around fifty two Thursday partly cloudy and breezy dry highs around fifty five in sports NASCAR driver Ryan.

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