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Hello in today's show aid to afghanistan in the international spotlight a meningitis alert and dr congo and alarming developments in northern ethiopia. As conflict escalates across tigray borders. That's all coming up in this week's un catch-up datelined geneva. Thanks for listening. I the news with katie dartford. This is the news. In brief from the united nations. People across afghanistan unimaginable suffering that. The un is committed and has a duty to stay in help. Those in need the united nations secretary general antonio guitarists said for that to happen. The new taliban government must provide full access for humanitarian workers and other key guarantees the un chief insisted goals must be allowed to go to school and women must be allowed to work. Mr gutierrez explained in a bbc interview highlighting the need for a relationship of trust. Between the un and afghanistan's new leaders un secretary general said that humanitarian aid can be an important entry points for future engagement with taliban they understood. That aid is essential that the international community will be more willing to provide assistance. If those conditions are met mr terror said his comments coincided with the talibans appointment of senior interim leadership positions. On tuesday staying with afghanistan the taliban takeover has left people in diet position with basic services collapsing. Un humanitarian warned ahead of a major fundraising conference of the country in geneva on thirteenth of september. The un food and agriculture organization. One that one in three afghans is acutely food insecure echoing that message the un humanitarian coordination office archer warned on tuesday that basic services in afghanistan collapsing and food and other lifesaving aid is about to run out action to help ordinary. Afghans must be taken now ahead of the fast approaching. Winter wheat season said fao director of the office of emergencies and resilience rain poulsen for the end of september. We need to make sure that's planting starting. there's a. There's a very short window of time. To be able to address that at the seeds conway the farmers conway. We need to do everything we can to ensure that those vulnerable households are supported. Tm now with has been no letup in more than six years of conflict nor the climate of thin among civilians u. n. appointed independent rights experts said on wednesday in a new report commissioned by the human rights council into how the war has been waged over the last twelve months. The panel condemned the same egregious. Violations that have characterized their previous findings. These include strikes by the saudi backed international coalition that support the government and indiscriminate shelling of civilians particularly by the who 'this but also by the government of yemen and the coalition group of eminent experts. Also said that. The southern transitional council were responsible for specific violations while power sharing deal with the government of yemen remains largely dysfunctional highlighting. How intense hostilities have been on the mirror up front in the past twelve months and in many other locations the un appointed panel of independent experts urge to fool cessation-of-hostilities and an end to the supply of arms to yemen by third parties. They also warned in their report on wednesday. That everyday life in yemen is now unbearable for many. In addition to the conflict people have to contend with disease outbreaks the code nineteen pandemic flooding import restrictions an economic and fuel crisis and limited humanitarian aid meningitis outbreak has been declared a northeastern democratic republic of the congo while the world health organization has been supporting the authorities to deploy emergency assistance. More than two hundred and sixty suspected cases in one hundred twenty. Nine deaths have been reported in. Oh province a high case fatality ratio fifty percent the un n. Health agency said on wednesday tests carried out by the institute. Pasta paris detected in syria meningitis. It's one of the most frequent strains of the bacteria form of the disease and has the potential to cause large epidemics w. h. o. Said that more than one hundred patients receiving treatment at home and in health centers in vanilla community affected by the outbreak meningitis is potentially fatal and must be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible. Major improvements have also been made on vaccines to treat the viral disease which is transmitted through the air by infected carriers. Although people of all ages can catch the disease it mainly affects babies children and young people. Katie dartford you're news thanks to katie dartford for the news now for this week's interview which focuses on the deteriorating situation in tigray and beyond for many millions of people conflict erupted ten months ago between federal government troops in ethiopia and forces loyal to the tigrayan regions rulers. That happened after ethiopian. Prime minister ahmed or today military offensive following an attack on central government barracks trying to help those caught up in the fighting. Is the un world food program and national and international partners. But it's not easy to do this in an active conflict zone as we'll hear from wfp spokesperson thompson ferry. Now look we have seen the entire. Northern part of your has been engulfed by conflict. Now we have seen more and more people being pushed into extreme levels of hunger but equally enough i in the my regions in addition to the five point two million people in tigray if the one point seven million have now been pushed into hunger in fire and amara regions. What scares me. The most is not the number boy named what scares me is the pace in rate at which we can be able to assist them. Because there's just been very limited assistance going into these regions. We have i a lot of challenges. We've only been able since mid july and september five to get three hundred thirty five trucks. This is a crisis that needs hundred trucks payday. Hundred trucks daily. Always been able to do in. almost three. Months is three hundred thirty five which is less than ten percent of the age requirements for that region. And that's a major concern. So how could you get one hundred trucks. A day seems almost impossible. I wouldn't say impossible. We need all authorities to understand the extent of the need. We need the parties to the conflict to grant humanitarian organizations particularly the wolford program a greater access. There are a lot of bureaucratic impediments. There are security checkpoints. My colleagues were telling me that stretch of about four hundred kilometers they can encounter up to ten security checkpoints and at each and every stop there regardless checked it should not really be happening like that also local communities when they see aid convoys into their communities some of them sometimes attack convoys and loot food commodities. And all this further complicates what is already a very complicated scenario. Yes and i can't imagine how difficult it must be for humanitarian. You have to stay neutral and they can't go with military convoys escorts to get to where it's really needed the real priorities. How many people. How many millions of people. It's more than ten.

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