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Out for the year with a hamstring tear. A Drew, who listens to the shell responded to by Scottie Pippen thought which I just say the guys who live in glass houses, he wrote this book. And I think he's still writing it. It's called unguarded. I believe it's coming out November. I can't. I can't wait to read it. It's gonna love it. But, he said, spoken like a true Jordan Fanboy to soften the blow in Scotty's book reveals the truth about Jordan. And what kind of a teammate he really was. And this is less about Michael. Because I'm I believe that if you really watched closely the last dance, I think The last dance revealed that Michael was a jerk. Michael was a bully. That even though it was his production, we kind of knew that. Yeah, we will. And for those who didn't I think it's sort of highlighted it. Yes, but like nothing new there. I I just think that that Scottie Pippen you tell me And again, I preface it all by saying I love Scotty. He's one of my favorite all time players, but his warts are big and his wards are real. You give me a bigger Chicago sports offense than sitting out the last 1.8 seconds of a playoff game. Because you didn't get your play drawn up. Give me one like people crushed Sammy for leaving a game early in 2004. The Cubs were out of it. It was the last game of the year and he left. Scottie Pippen set out 1.8 seconds because Phil drew up a play for Tony Ku coach. Pretty egregious sports. Really give me give me like a bigger give me any bigger. Chicago sports offense. Yeah, I can't find one. I don't think you top of my head, and so I like he's going to point fingers at other people. I don't think he can win that battle. I just don't I really don't. Um all right before we get to Benetti, Chris, let's play. You're on censorship that you put together describe what we do here. Well, Yeah. So what I've done in the past. So have you guys ever watched Jimmy Kimmel? Yes. Come on. You know, Jimmy Kimmel has a segment called unnecessary censorship. Right? They take clips of press conferences, Presidents. We had a good one about capping his salmon. Right. Speaking of a bit like back in March. Here's a good one actually doing salmon tonight. With a hard pass. Uh, you haven't had my salmon with cream sauce. Yeah, that's it Worse now, it's delicious, man. What do you make? How do you make a cream sauce? And don't say I I do. I take fresh peel it. I put the pieces of the orange Into a sauce that has some cream in it and has a little bit of bad to just want a little bit thicker. Put in a few pieces of orange and then I squeezed Get the juice in there. Let it cook up. Let the orange steep into the substance, the sauce and then I drizzle it over the top of the and then I make broccoli in the oven. When it's just about done. I Sprinkle but let that bacon and melt. Oh, what a dinner, man. Yeah, you know, good fun, right? Yeah. Cat, unnecessary censorship. So this morning I was listening The cap and Jay Hood our morning show 7 to 10 every weekday morning, Right here on ESPN 1000. And here's some unnecessary censorship on cap and Jay Hood back in your day cap or when I was a kid, I'm watching and I'm seeing the not white But there was something on it. Where, like, Okay, well, there's enough, but on this thing where I could be able to have control and and that's the difference, because when you get a fresh, you get the To start It's slick. Yes, you've got to use some spit and you've got to kind of rub it up so it doesn't slip out of your hand. Not supposed to be that you get from the store is not supposed to be that simple. It's supposed to be rubbed up. All the highlights all the I remember getting what it's like this. Not even like the one I play with at home because of one I won't play with at home is from the store or, like Pearl White. Oh, that's that's fantastic. Oh, these like I don't know what they were rubbing up. Oh, no, the spit and everything. What were they talking about? Yeah, I don't know. It's not the same as the one I have at home, guys. That's good. That's really good and and speak down. That is unnecessary censorship. We are uncensored on crosstalk unhinged if you have not checked out the ESPN Chicago APP for the latest edition. Carmen and you're gonna Waddle and Sylvia crosstalk. It's back. It is uncensored. It is uncaught. It is commercial free, and it's exclusively available on the ESPN Chicago app. So make sure you go there and you download the app. If you haven't done it yet, and you listen to The crosstalk unhinged. People love it, and we will lot of conversation about, didn't we? We touched on attending sporting events the etiquette with regard To leaving when this is the right time to that's where I first brought it up, and the Merkin range ball discussion is on there and and some sports in their, uh more some more dinners, conversation. I believe away just so everybody knows. Merkin has returned the range balls that were left in his bag to the range today. Meaning he went to the range and actually was hitting the balls that he'd taken from the range previously, so he gave them back by hitting to a different range, though no? Yes, or was it the same range? Is he like my guess is it's the same range it looked like he had some yellow balls and some white balls. And he dropped them off at at a rain. Yeah, I think he was trying to actually show everybody that his process is actually not that bad. Okay? Yeah, I don't believe it. Because what did he bring an extra bottle to replace the one that he hit into the water that I don't know. I'm not sure about that. All right. So let me play this from Benetti and then Len KASPER is going to join us at 5 30. This was yesterday. I'm and and like you said Waddle. Grand doll is sliding home. Yes. Where was he Tagged? You know they called him out. He looks safe. But can you can tell, really say he was saying there was talk that maybe the tag was made to his back foot? I didn't Tony was having none of that he was and I wasn't either. I just didn't know I couldn't tell whether or not his front foot ever. Actually touched the plate or it was hovering above the plate. That was my question. So at the end, man thinking probably not going to overturn this because it's inconclusive. Right? So, um They then rule against what the broadcast thinks is going to happen. They think it's going to be reversed Grand all scores big game at this point important time in this game, But Benetti is point isn't necessarily that They called him out. But he wants an explanation. Take a listen to some things from NBC Sports Chicago. This is one of those. There are enough angles.

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