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For a to win for a third time this season and Friday night truck series race the world of Westgate two hundred at Las Vegas motor speedway for Hillage his third win of the season and the second victory in the last four he talked about it in victory lane on FS one millions of the world to me that's the largest one. we're gonna stay out that last call soon. we stayed out everybody else did it so we decided we needed or we were going to be screwed so we can restore the telling of the longest line in the. many say green I had to drive all the way through the field it was just this truck was unbelievable finishing second through fifth were Ross chance stain polesitter Christian akas Sheldon creed and Todd Gillan six through ten or Brandon Poole Brett Moffitt Ben Rhodes Harrison burden and Dylan Lockton misfortune beset several drivers in Las Vegas on Friday night and even lead to to being eliminated for further advancement in the playoffs the biggest victims were from Thor sport racing which lost three trucks in a race due to similar mechanical failure as a result regular season champion grant and figure out just after six laps and Johnny solder were both eliminated from the next playoff round while teammate Matt Crafton also had mechanical failure but it built up enough stage points in the first two races to advance to the next round so heading into round two of the fourth race of the playoffs in a month from now at Talladega the other five drivers advancing to round two or hill Brett Moffitt Ross chance stain Stewart Friesen Matt Crafton and Tyler Ancrum Clint Bowyer and a home town kid Kurt Busch were fastest into practice session Friday for the Cup series race as the drivers get ready for the south point four hundred Sunday night in Las Vegas for your lead opening practice Friday a hundred and seventy eight miles an hour Kurt Busch top the speed chart the second practice a one hundred and seventy seven miles an hour Saturday schedule in Las Vegas has the expended cars qualifying at two thirty PM eastern time and racing in the right pro truck outfitters three hundred Saturday night at seven.

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