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Generosity and prosperity. And congratulations on the incredible When we first got strapped into the rocket, it felt like time was moving really slowly, like the countdown clock was barely moving. And then when you got down to like the last five minutes, it was raised. SpaceX human spaceflight program, senior director Benji Reid told reporters after splashdown. The company's sales and marketing teams saw an increased number of inquiries from people interested in purchasing a private space flight, he said. SpaceX can fly five or six private missions. Of per year. And Apple's streaming service hasn't even been around for two full years. But it's already won one of the top awards at the Emmys that Ted Lasso Yes, won the award for outstanding comedy series that Sunday's Emmy's It was the first time an original show from Apple 111 of the top series awards at the Emmys. In fact, it was the first time Apple was even nominated for One of those top prizes to compare. Netflix went into Sunday's Emmy's without even ever winning an outstanding comedy series or outstanding drama series, despite the streamer shows being in the mix since 2013 By the last four winners of outstanding comedy series where veep the marvelous Miss Mabel Mazel, not fleabag and Shits Creek. Ted Lasso also warned Amy's on Sunday for stars Jason Sudeikis Hannah wanting him and Brett Goldstein, its biggest competitor for the top comedy award. Got some love to HBO. Max series, a hacks one for writing and directing, and folks if you have not watched Ted Lasso Believe me, it It's just a beautiful uh, wonderful, funny show gets a little little deep sometimes, but not not not too dark. It's It's something you can sit around with your entire family. And watch hacks. One of the best written shows I've ever seen comedy wise, but there I've ever watched. But don't That's not a family affair. You and your better half and that's about it. The kids should not be involved in that one. Take us with you. Wherever you go Download the talk stream. Live free mobile app. Reach out to me anytime across the board on social Media and Matt ray talk. Use the hashtag A F and we are just getting started. How many more times are you gonna hit Snooze.

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