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Andy Suarez taking strike one. His second major league home run. Now, a chopper toward the middle of may you charges has it throws just in times whereas hustling made a close. I don't know that LeMay you knew that Andy Suarez was going to run like that. He did make the play. That's number two. We'll give Garcia are drive at a game. Sponsored by Audi Fremont experience. The Fletcher Jones difference Audi Fremont driven to excellence. Me how little smile on his face after he stopped at second base. Basically. Did know you'd hit out. But you're allowed to do that the estimated distance from stat cast four hundred twenty three feet so sound like it was some cheap home run. But he hit it out to the big part of the yard and left centerfield panic takes wall one. Nice to see the power. Here's a swing and a ball slashed fair inside the line down the left field line. It's gonna kick up against the side wall holiday plays. The Karen throws it in towards second too late. Joe banish got his second. Head of the game is a two out double. Panik swing is looking better here. These last few games. Nice to see gets himself into scoring position for Alan Hansen. Three to two giants gone ahead. A run in the third and another one here in the fourth. You mentioned that home run. It was just a little bit to the left of the spot where the left field wall comes together with the centerfield wall rule notch out there and that is deeper to that spot. Then straightaway center is about four twenty three maybe four twenty four to that spot. And he just to the left of that here's Hanson taking low ball one. And I say just fifteen ten fifteen feet to the left of it. Even in this ballpoint. That's that's a long ways off. Hansen who bloop to hit his first time..

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