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Each week. Carter teaching song and a poem ad free episodes and other member benefits as well as the joy of supporting and independent podcast. Go to one you feed dot net slash join and you can get all those details there jessica. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show. It's been a real pleasure. I was so happy to have you on four hundred episodes of something ago. And i am so glad to have you back on four hundred episodes. That's stunning. I hadn't realized it was that many. It's an awful lot something like that anyway. Thank you so much for for coming back on. We'll have links to your information in the show notes and again listeners. If you don't see your diagrams missing a huge portion of the genius of her work if what you just heard was helpful to you. Please consider making a monthly donation to support the you feed podcast when you join our membership community with this monthly pledge you get lots of exclusive members only benefits. It's our way of saying..

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