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What I said well. Here's what we're doing. It says yeah we'll do that and then I called up a governor bullock up in Montana and said what you'd use your some of your money and and do stations you of course yeah we'll do that and he's a Democrat that was easy but then I call the governor Mede in Wyoming and that's just immediately north of Colorado right right and so I told governor the need for people trying to get to yellowstone park. Do you want them to drive across Colorado up Utah and across Montana and come down from the north or you want them just to drive right up through and Wyoming has more natural gas and coal and and carbon. Energy than anywhere they're the most pro carbon save probably in the country but madman thought about it for a day and then call them said Yep we're in we'll put it on recharging stations and that's what's GonNa Happen Republican that never got to work together to build these networks these collaborations to address climate change in real time and most of the anger in the yelling at people is not going to get us guest there and demonizing businesses and GonNa get their business has to be convinced in real time how they can solve at this problem without ruining their business and it's doable. I think we've got plans ready to go and what do you say to the person. That says you know that John Hickenlooper he you know he's flip flopped on the death penalty. He's flip flopped Don Marijuana. He you know this is what they would say. It's what they say well. I didn't flip flop on on marijuana's funny. I did a a meeting this morning and a woman came up and said I love what you did marijuana. You're against it. You voted against it but when the people passed it you said that's what the people what we're going to do everything we can to see if it can work and now five years later it clearly is better than the old system and I think we have to admit that I was wrong. I mean who did you get a new set of facts I was I was against it because I was worried about the risk that there'd be a spike in teenage consumption or a spike people driving while I think that's legit that is that's. That's what has happened we do. We do a survey of twenty four thousand people every two years. There's been no spike so oh it's a better system than the old one. We sent hundreds of thousands millions of kids to prison in felons and the same thing with the death penalty. I you know my whole life I was I for an eye to tooth guy. I thought that was part of the Bible right turns out. It's only in the Old Testament it's not in anything that has to Jesus or or the New Testament and I think more powerfully than that it's not a deterrent the states that got rid of the death penalty forty years ago and say any increases of violent crime or heinous crimes. It's it's incredibly expensive with all the appeals it drags the family members of the victims through the worst experience of their lives again and again in these appeal systems and most importantly it is biased in other words if you happen to be black and and you commit this crime in the wrong community district attorney will decide it's going to be the death penalty for political purposes and that is something the no Americans you wanna except I read this article that about you on business insider insider and this is what you said you said <hes> I don't know about you. When I get new facts? I'll change my opinion. I think that's completely fair yeah if you don't have the facts and you're presented the facts and and you're showing the numbers of what Litigation Gatien like that would cost etc etc versus you know putting somebody in prison for life. I mean yeah I mean we do that all the time but in these debates I you know I don't know where you stand but look the the whole thing with Biden in the bus scene and it's I find it really hard to go be critical of what somebody thought forty years ago..

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