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In revenue in two thousand seventeen from in game purchases via told you ten years ago. The east sports. Would be a booming industry funded by multibillion dollar sports organizations. You probably wouldn't believe me. But if I told you a hundred years ago that multibillion dollar sports organizations would even exist. You wouldn't have believed that either sports in the very beginning. We're a proxy for war. Here's John thorn, the official historian of major league baseball, the thirty best man of one side against the thirty best man of another and both sides agreed to abide by the outcome leader on sports became a tool of empire. Colonialism civilising force, or at least that's what the civilize your said. Well, we sublimate our Marshall instincts by pouring them into sport. We can painter faces weekend. Drink ourselves silly. We can yell insulting epithets at the pyre or certain players and what a sports become these past few decades. Lebron James he agreed to a four year one hundred fifty four million dollar contract with the Lakers, FOX. Striking a five year rights agreement with the NFL worth about three billion dollars record shattering deal. Alvarez signed a five year eleven fight deal worth. They minimum of three hundred sixty five million dollars. Serena Williams, just the Forbes list of highest pay female athletes for the third year in a row rockets owner, Leslie Alexander has agreed to a deal to sell the rockets to Huston billionaire Tillman for Tita for two point two billion dollars your record for an NBA franchise. Yes, sports is become big business. How big so the answer? Here is actually surprisingly small sports has a social impact that is way way bigger than its economic impact. Victor Matheson, an economist at Holy Cross and president of the North American association of sports communists. So the biggest league in the world in terms of revenue generated is the NFL and the NFL. Generates something like fourteen fifteen billion dollars a year. Ed in all the other major American League's plus the PGA pro tennis mixed martial arts. And so on you've got maybe fifty billion dollars of pro sports, a few more tens of billions of dollars in college sports. But you're still only up at sixty seventy billion dollars that makes spectator sports in the United States roughly the same size as the cardboard box industry in the United States now, obviously, none of us, you know, gather around the water cooler on Monday morning, saying hey, man over the weekend. Did you see that awesome? Cardboard box that American paper just put out. Of course, we don't. So obviously, you know,.

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