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About people you know. On the sidewalk, a street racer Friday night nearly Christ into a bystander in the street trying to record all the chaos, Police say. Nobody was arrested on Friday. Tropical Storm Iota is strengthening and could become a hurricane. CBS meteorologist David Parkinson has more on that storm in both the cities of Tegucigalpa, where you could be seeing 6 to 12 inches of rain and Sampedro Sula, which could be seen 1 to 2 Ft. Of rain. All of those together show that iota is just going to be a second knockout punch to a region. It is still suffering from the effects of Ada. That area of South America includes the countries of neon, Iowa and Honduras. All of those could be in Iove his path. Tiger Woods Hunt for a six Masters title will have to wait until next April. The five time winner couldn't keep it going this weekend in Augusta. He was 11 shots off the lead going into the final round. Looks like you'll be putting the green jacket on somebody else. Later today, he shot a parson. Monday to Saturday five under the Green Jacket favorite is Dustin Johnson. WSB news time 302, We're here for you. 24 hours a day, the top local and national news every 30 minutes, breaking news, traffic, red alerts and storm center updates immediately. 95.5 WSB. And let us news and talk. You've worked so hard for all the things you have salary status success on with that image. There's a drink one to unwind. Want to loosen up one to take the edge off? How do you know what a drink is? More than just to drink? Way? Get it way can help. Karen's Grandview program has been helping accomplished people just like you regain their lives. Talk to us. Is it? Karen dot orc slash grandview one You wait for all year. It's here. Toyota thought at Atlanta Toyota Now's the time to get your new Toyota with our biggest savings of the year. Hundreds to choose from. All with Toyota Thon pricing at Atlanta. Toyota, the number one volume dealer in Georgia for the last six years. Pleasant Hill Road into Luke Atlanta, Toyota dot com Claim based on 2014 through 2019 total retail sales of New Toyotas in Georgia for Southeast Toyota distributors from running errands to walks with friends and long days on your feet. The Merrill Jungle Mark is the perfect all around shoe. The just right fit, unparalleled.

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