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How Jerry West was shooting is how you shoot now. How everyone else was shooting was just that you stand still and you push a little bit. All right. No disrespect to Dolph shades or whoever, but nah. Going one way too. Well, I think the guy who invented the modern day jump shot was Hank lucetti and you can check that I think ETI Hank lucetti and guys used to stand and do that little set shot. And then he had this jumper and they're like, oh my God, did you see what he would be like the first forward pass in college football? Yeah. Do you see that clip that the recruit Victor won by Anna? And he had that kind of running three where he almost like shot put it in. That was a standard shot back in the day. The Jerry West shot used to be that kind of like running forward push jumper. There are 7 players in the NBA I'm sorry, 8 players in NBA avenue 30 or more games. John morant's not one of them. Kevin Durant, Giannis Steph Curry, Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, Joel embiid, Luka Dončić, and if anyone gets the last one, I'll give you three bonus points. There's a hyphen involved. Oh, and this guy should be mentioned for MVP this year. Shay, gilges Alexander. SGA. SGA, I know people aren't going to watch Oklahoma City. That's correct. But if you get the opportunity and you come across an Oklahoma City game, I promise you this kid is taking the next step. And he is a great basketball player. Great basketball player. Peacock has the most live sports of any streaming service, watch live games and events from the Premier League NASCAR PGA Tour every Sunday Night football and much more, including this award nominated program. All streaming on peacock. Yes, John. I'm seeing someone in Kenny sailor's invented the supposedly there. The jump shot, but Hank lucetti popularized. Oh, okay. So you definitely had to. Well, thank you, Todd. I appreciate that. I hope you were with us yesterday when we had Jim Jackson on former NBA player. And now an NBA analyst. It very, very sharp. And we talked about a couple of things. What's wrong with Ben Simmons? And I just wanted to hear from a former player, because I played the game, obviously not at a high level, but I'm trying to understand. What is going on with Ben Simmons? Here is a portion of what Jim Jackson had to say about Simmons. I think he's gotten to him so much mentally. In regards to what has happened up to this point that it's built a block in his mind, he doesn't even look at the rim. And he's the kind of guy Dan and ice always say this. Off season and practice, he's shooting the basketball accountant. He's in there knocking down free throws. In open wreck, he's doing it. But when the lights come on and you don't see instance success. With that first shot goes in. If there's an air ball or it cleans off, all of that work you just put in, roll it out the door. Because mentally he's not strong enough to fight through that fat. Coupled with what he's reading, but he's hearing. Outside the arena and around him. And it's tough because he's such a talented player. How do you correct it? That's a psychological issue. Forget about basketball. I think if something happened in his life a roadblock came up, it would be the same kind of scenario in regards to him blocking that out and being less aggressive in whatever activity that I was.

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