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Right as we continue Gregg Jarrett is with us a soul I'm sitting here watching this the ship show unfold and is not going good for the Democrats and now if you look at real clear politics some Democrats are now suggesting that if Adam Schiff is unable to rescue them you know this ship show in the next couple of days that in fact alosi may be forced to pull the plug on this Harold Ford said I think by Wednesday evening or perhaps Friday afternoon after the ambassador comes forward well then I have a much better sense of what Nancy Pelosi things because I don't think that she really wants to do this but if she does not feel the Democrat's gonna have a sound vote a bipartisan vote maybe even a chance to remove a president I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't pull this in the next several days any chance of that in your view Gregg Jarrett probably a slim chance I mean she sure if you were doing the right thing but you know since windows Nancy Pelosi enter do the right thing you know what the greatest embarrassment today was when Adam Schiff read the trump tweet a and and then let the witness in the same Gee I feel intimidated aha witness intimidation it's an article of impeachment claim ship no witness intimidation defined by law is threatening a witness with physical harm bribing a witness or call we're seeing a witness in the line it is not witness intimidation for a president to exercise his first amendment right to speak free speech to defend himself from false accusation or to offer an opinion of a witness you know and as your friend and my friend mark within pointed out your vote of it you wouldn't have even known as the president's tweet during the hearing but for sure from reading it aloud to were so this was all just a created I might be mistaken again but I thought we have freedom of speech and especially all right to defend yourself of you think somebody's lying about you of course you do and that's exactly what the president was doing he'll never get a fair shake from the liberal mainstream media so it goes over their heads which infuriates them to the American people and he makes his case that is not witness intimidation that's ludicrous hi Greg Jarrett he'll join us tonight on Hannity along with the great one mark live in and we just mentioned we got a great show this is Ben another disaster at in other and complete disaster is day by these corrupt Democrats there's been three years of this and to watch it blow up in their face frankly is a thing of political beauty this is the boomerang of all boomerangs right quick break our audio the week your calls eight hundred nine four one Shawn toll free telephone number Hannity nineties than tonight all will have the latest on the ship show is the B. C. B. M. traffic.

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