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First off you've got to be happy with getting out to one of those start of course of course you know it was just great because we've been working for this game all summary you know i coaches push us and we just consistently work hard size as great to come out here and just keep on away we do and all that worked as soda twenty two nothing a played a part in a couple of the touchdowns including one defensively talk about that pick six yet i you know we just work hard every day i corners and you know i coats does a great job this wrapping revenue raby about what we can do and you know i read that rally just like i said and just dump day and took it to the grid so is agree you at quarterback you got to be behind john ashley out last season talk a little bit about what you might have learned from him i remember watching him the for the three years he was starting quarterback a very smart player raja learn from it i just told me everything you know josh is a great leader to have in his team in the one thing he had was always perseverance he would always fight through and i just try to be the best person out there no matter what and you know he he just taught me to just how to lead a team and how to be had to be aggressive so you know i had him on my back this whole way eddie i hope i made him proud i here and we should like to have a guy like justin sugar to get the ball to in a lot of different ways a man who knows a great safety route crazy right he's always working hard i mean him are always ready pushing me to be better so you know as as a great when i am i right thought the bottom i know he's don't come down and makes in place and that's what he does is as great play good luck against new brunswick next week keno coming out song liska all right there you have it he's excited felix can known as you heard the joe george saying earlier he felt he is running the option offense better than josh loud that's a high complement because josh ran it pretty well when he was there four south brunswick outside.

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