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We continue and this is not us being vulgar. We're pretty much just lifting the scriptural bacchus yup so good so good but let's continue so for all of those ancient historian fans and i know there are quite a few fellow parties that we follow that are historical common fight me because it will be as accurate as my high school education education will take me and also wikipedia and our knowledge repository i._m._d._b. So come and fight me audits blazing. I will fight you. Ah but this does cover the history inverted loosely of the thracian gladiator spotted and that might not even be his name right and his name was never added throughout the series yeah and it was there was sorry we will get into the series but in the first episode we were in the barracks and <hes> creeks stocks to hayes. I think is the word he's lost. A haze. Botica's cacus and spotted cases like my name is not as fucking love. The new pinette <music> is everything is every thing pill movie comes into the picture but that's a different story remiss with i. I don't wanna make it to feel like if he was that nubia creeks just give it up looking for justice the jagged edge in the background so based on the thracian gladiator spartacus who from seventy three to seventy one b._c. Led a major slave uprising against the roman republic departing from kapor. Come on let's say as an ancient history fan and again. I might not be accurate so come and fight me but i really like every time we will learning like even the battle of some of the popular popularly known as three hundred right. I always saw the moment as the man all all of these greek nations trying to fight against or even the goal nations and also the thracians like. I was never about that roman life. Can i just say yeah. It's quite own. I dunno all squad intrigued yeah but i also full society is going backwards. I'm not going to get into any theological debates but that whole you know spreading of christianity and catholicism's. I wasn't about that but but anyway that's where we are in this history in this time of life. Capela is mainly where it set so you have <hes> spot icus being transported into their many as a slave and then you start as to his survive to the barracks as a gladiator so let's let's get through other the cost what a talented outstanding all encompassing group of thespians since oh yeah for sure. I like that yeah so my accent oh d._c. Do you see for your reference. Listeners just the point of climax o._t. Asa ruin it. It just has to ruin a so. We've talked about andy whitfield portraying spotify's also in the latest seasons. We have liam mcintire which i kind of had qualms but that that's my thing that i need to reconcile so we will get to that. When we start talking about characters we have maneuver net that we can love you man. If you ever want to be on our podcast or if you ever just wanna come over here and have a hong-je zealand listeners understand and we'll dig up a hole in our apartment and you can come over. He plays creek service a goal <hes> who is the reigning champion champion at the time of the series and we will come to everyone but let's try and get through <hes> all of the characters that we have here. We have my it lady. Love my queen that visits my nether regions lucy lawless playing lucretia so what was on that was that was for all of our xena fans. Even even i'm a therapy dog. He was taking his body and excitement. I don't think i'll watched xena warrior princess not. I don't think i didn't watch it. You you need to leave. You need to log off from this conversation about big how of before it's not like i'm living in a bubble uh-huh. What's did you know what it's one of those things because in australia we are an island and we're also our continent so sometimes we think that celebrities are big and they're actually just destroy in big so common okay. You've heard of her. Have you heard of of john thompson. I didn't until i came here because everyone speaks of john fong. I'm here exactly so you see what i you feel like. A xena warrior princess was international because lucy lawless is like top billing in like conventions with all of the nerds saddest pushing over her and i don't i don't. I don't dispute that at all. She's great. She's a great actress and kudos ball well. Zena never crossed the indian ocean for us. Do you remember at least twenty member hercules at room. Hockey's because hercules came from zena fuck. I can't hear this all of the xena warrior princess fans. I will start a petition petition and will meet in the parking lot at five p._m. Across the stall status source to suck off it sucks me so you know hercules donor zena. Wow what a state of faz. Let's move oculus from china lena. You need stop. Oh okay. I would tend this fantastical ship around how di i thought i knew you think you know a person people. Wow how how dare you. Let's talk about doctorine on a mass this oh by peterman to actually listen. I'll talk about him. Let's just talk about the cost because that's where we're up to you. We haven't gotten very fast and can. I just say i i do have dispute and i do have kwame i._m._d._b. I will fight you. Where's buddy on us in this top billing. Let's continue. Asha actually comes comes up before but has helped write. It plays a pivotal role nick. E tara bei who. I don't really know if he was in australian screen was born in lebanon but i guess we need to check out his work. He was in. I think our later on so. I don't really know where he's kind of based but they got. We have viva a. b. Ankle playing olivia. She was gross. Yeah fuck in grunts. Let's continue. Oh aw there are some newer people in this series but i want to try and capture the urge as we have dustin clare playing ganic and gonna kiss was really really really good. Good fucking loved him like he was everything to me. If spot icus was in bed my pennies would be thrown again. Icus godly arena was talking back in ancient times. I wouldn't have had many panties so i would have to ration my panties. I don't think anyone will pont then everyone in the stadium was just do hey man. I'm a fancy bitch. Serve you get my panties. You are most welcome. I'll even keep a bear for a few days. You can get the funk. Wow there is a market for everything babe yeah clearly then i know so what you do. I'm not sure what patients started that cells and these you know now. It's it's watching you do the washing. I know what you do and let's there was a whole lot of people i missed but whatever i want to get to my man bought yada played by jon hamm mike. There's most of your costs right there. <hes> let's talk about it. Let's talk about first impressions how you came across botica's <hes>. Did you have love ancient history how you get across it and what were the feels. What will the bodily fluids that were jack leading finding out of you so our wasn't a major fan of ancient history again bought aw my sister recommended the show to me. Wow see we've talked about your family sitting around and watching sexual shit this just perpetuates it but continue continue well. What's this alone so it was really really really good well. I didn't know i and what's the load upon recommendation from your system all right go to local. Both this daring it leafier or whatever in the last five minutes of the show. I have no words you have stumped me sir but anyway it was you you cannot but anyway that if if i anyone that enjoys morbid go back thirty seconds but continue so i was really really intrigued by the first episode i was sure that i would stick with soul for so long and i think law few episodes in between that ed before spartak truly found himself that our struggling with the pacing of it and this is the foster. I'm watching it. So did you watch it. When it first came out in twenty ten yes yes sir well. I watched after the foster's really finished saw i saw some winters it and after the whole season unfinished got the whole series and just benched it but i did struggle with the pacing in the fossey's as an bah after sticking with it for a few and i was just blown away once everything started to click in and all the all the writing and the those was just all of bay all dead wrong because i felt like the first season was i'm just talking about the fostering awash says and oh sorry am i am. I supposed to respect your opinion. Good jank anyway after that it just went from strength to strength and ivory watch this like i'm not sure what the numbers but i really like in redoing eight to ten times because because we're all friends here. I just do want to clarify when ozzy says he's re watched it. He's got an excel spreadsheet of all the sex scenes and that's what he's doing. It doesn't well to be fair with like we talked about earlier it. It is about escapism right and credit to spot icus because i'm like game of thrones. There was a lot of sex scenes earlier in the series series <hes> but they continue that food whole series that is one of my favorite. Don't you love this. We haven't even talked about characters but we're talking about sex scenes now one oh my favorite sex scenes was between andy and olivia oh the delicious revenge but also just the just whole aesthetics of it all. You're gonna stick your dick in me. Sir <hes> apparently andy whitfield didn't even and <hes> that was in israel. He wore fake. He's never done full-frontal because i think it would just be too much for everyone to taken taken her. If you're part of the one of my favorite sex scenes trauma think think of any other yeah that really did stand out the also just because of what it meant in the storyline as well. She was a loving ving yet. She was getting that thracian dick and she was not looking back she again. She was thinking of monument when those creeks so who she thought issues slipping with creeks but even their physiques will quite diff- the different object objectively objectively because i do love your take and your complexion again. You're the while there were painted in gold. Dude you saying that golder of different different cloud clarity and cut but downland fuck you. Can we call the fuck fuck you in. Oh we gotta recommendation to listen to an o._t. Bob and ours lit as are not. I'm sure anyone say anymore but i'm trying to keep up with the trends yes and that was from the cooking with greif <hes> podcasts yeah sir sir shutouts to chris squared because both called chris. Auty bop is really really really really good. Can i say see social media director executive. Sorry i added executive. I am offended because i struggling on twitter every day. An thirty gets the attention. Everyone's gotta do the o._t. Bopha everyone everyone wants to taste of the o._t. Ball by uh shallow guys that made the o._t. Think you'll ever hear this coffee guys you don. I am done done talking about your best friend. In britain you made me laugh was really great. What else do we do. It's it's so wanking yourself sold a show spots so let's get straight into it <hes> right. We kind of derailed with sex scenes but if you're telling me you didn't get a twinge engineer. Nether regions use eliah us a damn liar going wants to sixteenth not on the bus. You can listen to for your reference but i do you on you. You will be just as aroused as if.

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