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Indeed, it does this takes. It's a bit of a very simple ballot. Which you don't see that those days in the chart side. They're kind of hip hop track or EDM. I mean, it's it's underwhelming. But she's very popular from row today. And she does lot of covert especially from pink songs as well. Good. Does she do them in Dutch in erase thinking both both because this is the very real risk of setting many Dutch listeners while I admire the Netherlands hugely as a nation and a people, and indeed culture, I am unpersuaded that it's in many respect memorable language is necessarily suited to put music. Maybe not to hip hop because it can be a tiny bit harsh language. So may being hip hop team. My work better is this you'll seamless intro into what's number three in the Netherlands, which is a combination of load of talent you have been current. Jona Fraser and remarks the song through which is dripped. We'll. Bowed how could fail the oven fantastic. Coating. Someone attend to introduce not merely. The Dutch language, but the piano, accordion to hip hope. Easy refrained owed through through you know, and the vehicle is quite funny as if they make fun of that film will Farell the anchorman. So fun of the a film, which was about making the world has got to met. That was definitely that was an accordion Fernando. Do. You know, the joke about what you throw to a drowning accordionist no his accordion. What what's it? If you like the cheap more for you. If is doing a lot of work has been more gangster from what can kill. It's it's Frenna featuring Moulavi with Vero which means viral. Let's. Fool me. Yeah. I mean, I it's it's so far it's been in the mean, but don't worry on the world is is a good watered. Well, it's I think I could see it being the entry for Eurovision for examples. Good as that good. The number one song in the Netherlands this week already. Tipped by monocle revision disc chief another Augusta per oh. As a potential duck Eurasian entry is Walt. It's crisscross Amsterdam there three of producers, featuring Mon and Tabitha and busy as well. In the songs. Call high is fun. My or is mind. If that is the sheer vision entry Fernando is going to come seventeenth if it's lucky though, no bad for twenty three. Listen, I think that's the better. So that's doing that made me happier. You know? And I and the the work from criss cross quite a good producers there internet's good. Well, let's quote for the posters. Schick? Oh, thank you. As always for bringing us, the global counter listening to the daily on monocle twenty four. And that is your lot for today's edition of the monocle daily. The show was produced by Marcus hippy, and Tom holder searches definitely Condie's and may Lee Evans studio manager was Christie Evans these day weekend dishes. He nine hours from now with Georgina Godwin the daily returns at the same time Monday twenty two hundred London, I'm Andrew Mullah. Thanks for listening and have a terrific weekend.

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