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Taking the gas pedal. I don't know that's it's on him and finally tonight. It occurs to me that we've been we've been given got really hard time handling for a long. It's like our thing but we never given credit for all the good stuff he's doing so in the interest of you know fair and balanced journalism. I think it's important that we thank the omnipotent creator of universe for all his amazing work with specifically lazy-faire economics ma. So you know. God invented price discovery with his beautiful invisible hand and he deserves a big congratulations and a big hat tip. Also to joe carter the editor of the gospel. Coalition evangelical blogging network forgiving me. This very important insight to talk about is. I like the christians of stopped with the namby-pamby like god. It's the hands assertions shit and now they're just like the idea of money nece is like hey can perform miracles. Well no but he can incentivize them. That's actually creates a stupid fucking so dumb. So here's what. Joe carter had to say about the unsung hero of economics. At the source of that beautiful invisible trickle quote there are intricate and beautiful aspects of god's creative genius that we don't often think about take for instance the price system in its most basic sense. A price is merely a numeric value assigned to a product or service it in all the senses. That's but we say the word me- word but we can also say that price is a signal wrapped in an incentive to be coordinated by god. Can't you can write it on a legal right to say it. Although difficult prices are signals wrapped in a 'nigma 's right you get out of here. Okay continuing one more time. Humans set individual prices. But it was god who designed the price system as a means of coordinating human activity for the purposes of human flourishing and quote. Okay that's said like a man who's never bought diapers or or god hates babies one of the i know i see what he's saying the like without god. How would we even know what a rape victims virginity was worth. That's true right system. it's important. Yeah good stuff. God but how did condiments fit in your probably quarter continued. God knows and cares about what may seem trivial issues. Such as whether you like ketchup on your fries. And he's provided a way for our neighbors to help meet those needs. Heard he's got the whole world.

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