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Home bred for Charles sipke Ralph may with those silks and her damn lady Shakespeare is a true blue hand. She's been a marvelous food mirror for many years, so I think that the ultra classy undefeated lady space spear bears washing in the spot. Okay, I agree. I like number four lady spite spear as well. And even though she's never raced on the synthetic surface, she's trained all along at woodbine, kind of splitting time between training on their main track and training on the turf. And it looks like you can't really tell how she handles the surface as far as times go, but the times are solid. For the workouts, 5 furlong works anywhere from 59 and change to a minute and change, that's pretty solid and going with the assumption that she's not whipped and driven in all out to get those 59 in changes in a minute and changes. Then it looks like she'll handle the surface and I agree with everything he said, lady spites here. And so I don't think they would risk her if they didn't think that she really relished it as well. She sort of has nothing to prove she's a reigning champion. I assume that she'll be a brood merit. Some states our career, who knows if she'll even come back at four, but I just think she's going to be really interested to watch in the spot and hope she hopes she can pull it off. And my guess is that if she performs well tomorrow and the best Arabian or wins the best Arabian, it opens up so many more doors for what they can do with her going on going forward, whether they want to try her on the turf, try to run synthetic surfaces. And who knows? Maybe on conventional dirt down the line. But bob and I both like lady spite spare. Number four, four to one on the morning line in the grade two Bess Arabian race 8 tomorrow over at woodbine. Let's take the long flight out to the Bay Area, bob. And they've got a featured race tomorrow at Golden Gate called the golden nugget, $50,000 on the line for the two year olds, sprinting 6 for longs. Another short field here just 5 of them going to post. And you've got number two, come on, man, who's looked very good since arriving at Golden Gate. Got his maiden win from well off the pace going away. Beat winners from well off the pace going away last time out. Bill McLean stables an outstanding form. He trains come on, man. They've been firing on all cylinders. He picked the horse out for a group of owners that have had several horses with him and currently have several in the barn. $8000 looks like a steel at this point. They got a good one. Yeah, just basically simply with come on man. You've got to throw out the first lifetime starter, remember it clearly just got completely illuminated at the start. Overcame that experience went home, softer competition, and kind of pretty impressively it had some prices dusted to fields, including putting up a really big number on September 24th when winning an optional claimer, a other than race. It just doesn't look like in this 5 horse field that there's a whole lot to compete against him. There is some speed to the outside from the incredibly high percentage part of Jonathan Wong. The only way I can see come on man getting beat would be if Stanford bay gets loose and generally speaking the tap of their place very fairly. And I think about it very short Ozzy will pick up pick the race up. Well, come on man looks like he's definitely going to be passing horses. Stanford bay looks like he is definitely going to be trying for the lead. There are other horses in the race who could bother Stanford bay in the early going or maybe even get the lead from him. Number three, doctor Pascal, number four, highland ghost have both shown some speed at one point. Obviously, if either of them a noise stand for bay on the front end, all it does is really play into the hands of the favorite come on man. I think even money is a reach as far as this. And that's a shame because if you've bet, if you've been a fan of come on, man, he paid he was 5 to one when he broke his maiden two starts back. He was almost 9 to one last time out against Twitter. And now you're going to have to take around, I don't know, four to 5 in a minor stake in the golden nugget, but it is what it is. And he's gotten really good, really fast. Bob and I both like number two, come on man in the golden nugget race 7 tomorrow at Golden Gate. We're going to take another break. When we come back, we've got more Saturday steaks action. We're going to head back out to Maryland, where we'll look at three races from Laurel. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by nyra betts on the horse racing radio network..

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