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She writes the Atlantic's weekly dear therapist advice column and contributes regularly to the New York Times and many other publications for recent tedtalk is one of the top ten most watched of this year and she is a sought after expert in media such as the today show. Good Morning America the. Cbs Early Show CNN. Npr's fresh air per new IHEART podcast dear therapists in the plural produced by. Katy Kirk will premiere this year so you can find her and learn more at Lori. Gottlieb DOT COM that's L. O. R. I G. O. T. T. L. E. B. dot com. You can also say hello on social on twitter at Lori. Gottlieb one the number one on Instagram Lori gottlieb underscore author and on facebook at Gottlieb. Laurie without further ADO. Please enjoy a wide ranging conversation with Lori Gottlieb. Laurie welcome to the show. Well thank you. I'm thrilled to connect. I've been looking forward to connecting. I'm sad we couldn't do it in person but also somewhat happy that we were both safe and sound in our respective domiciles and bringing quarantine verite to the masses as we mentioned before record and I thought we could start with a talk of yours that you gave. Which in all honesty I have not yet had a chance to listen to but someone on my staff said you have to ask her about the story. She told the moth in. I believe it was two thousand and fourteen. Can you describe what you ended up sharing at the moth and why you decided to share that? Sure so The story that I told that the mob was about how I became apparent and It was about the process of being in my late thirties Not Having found the person that I wanted to spend my life with and knowing that I wanted to be a mom and what I had to go through in terms of finding a sperm donor and kind of how surreal that was to think about. How do you choose the genetic material for this person? Who's going to be your child? And what do you even looking for? And so it brought up a lot of sort of existential questions about nature versus nurture and what this means for this human being. Who would be this person who would know who this you know? Maybe not ever meet this donor. But have limited information about this person Brought up so many sort of philosophical and ethical questions and so. That's what I talked about. How did you decide to share that versus other stories that you might share you? You have a life full of interesting stories. How did how did it come to pass that? You ended up on the stage sharing that at the moth. I think that that was probably the most. I would say the biggest risk in life that I ever took and it was also the best decision that I ever made in my life and so I think there were those two pieces of it. There was the making a decision to do something with so much uncertainty and then knowing in that deep place of knowing that we all have that it was absolutely a decision. I had to make that. I could not go through life and not have done what I did. And so knowing that. There are all kinds of risks and all kinds of downsides And still going through and saying but I know I know in every cell of my body that this is the right thing to do and right thing to do. You're referring to having a child not getting on the stage at the Moth Speaker. Just to be clear yes absolutely. I'm referring to having the child. Yeah getting on. The stage was You know I it was I. I will say something about getting on the stage. I will say that I really believe that. So many of us are carrying around really fascinating stories that we don't think that fascinating. We think. Our lives are pretty ordinary but as a therapist I can tell you that the most extraordinary stories come out of people that are grounded in the ordinary. And so maybe.

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