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The Dow is now up three points, a popular Arlington bar plans a second act. I'm Jeff cable. It is three 18. And you know what happens when we hit the 8s, time for traffic and weather hears Dave. And the slowest traffic by far on the beltway right now is on the outer loop from the two 70 spur southbound jammed into Northern Virginia on the outer loop in maclean past the Georgetown pike exit. The response to the truck crash is blocking three left lanes, only one right lane getting by toward the dullest toll road on the outer loop. Opposite side of the beltway on the outer loop between two O two and 50, new crash called in on the right, hopefully drivers will get themselves over onto the right shoulder and in no time. Baltimore Washington Parkway, volume delays will cost you time between the beltways. Volume delays on 95 a little less intense, heaviest through Howard county as usual and heading to the bay bridge. It'll be slow east bound near I 97. He's found over the severn and near sandy point, but two way traffic on the westbound span means westbound delays are going to be longer and traffic is backed up to before castle Marina road on Kent island to 70. No issue is just normal slowing north of clarksburg. I 70 westbound before mount airy, a new crash reported in Virginia 95, it is summer traffic and it will be very time consuming to go south fouled across the aka Kwan and from Quantico right down to Fredericksburg and through spotsylvania county. Northbound volume delay is pretty lengthy this afternoon out of Pennsylvania into Fredericksburg and in slow stretches beyond dumfries toward the Dale City woodbridge newington and Springfield exits right on to the outer loop. With a limited time strawberry frosty time to enjoy yourself as built in, they're basically made to slow down and relax, so when it's time for frosty time, choose wisely choose, Wendy's, limited time only at participating U.S. Wendy's. I'm David WTO traffic. All right, Samara, Theodore joins us from storm team for this afternoon as we are again on the lookout for the potential of heavy weather. We're already seeing some stuff popping

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