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This guy who is this? Mike. tice no. I was not awake when this happened but I woke up this morning about thirty seven tweets road you're scrolled through time on fuck and fly. Phenomenon like this does transcend politics. This is not just a political matter. Anymore I fly lands on anyone said on national television that's GONNA take over worldwide president. Coach talking about it. It's a hot topic. Told you don't feel. Do. Literally looked like he had a magnet in his skull. Like It. Was A fucking comet that. Car You're watching this life me uncomfortable. Those the library reaction it was more just like. I'm going to tell them. Chilled there for a while to to hogs big like, yeah. No, it was for a good amount I'm he actually talked in the flies had finished talking and then he was sitting in there and then the. Eventually flow I assume it is because he has about two pounds of Jalen that it got stuck but this also happened to Hillary Clinton. In her eyeball and she couldn't feel that's why these people just have like a layer of like up like he was getting. For his eyes to Hamlin I was really read pink somebody went and did a video dropped it's going to. The nearside is so whenever he looking at we're connected dots. If he had pink eye. On his face and then there is. On. Fly was the POOP. Coached. JV. Was Right. Focused Shit..

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