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That means snow bike Mike has taken him up and you always want a little bit more Mike in your life. Thank you to our Patreon producers, tripod plus plus, and delay in each whining. Today we brought to you by rocket money, but we'll tell you all about that later. For now, let's begin with what is. And forever will be the roper report. It's time for some news. We have 5 stories today. Just doesn't. Story number one, a PSA for you, everybody. Star Wars, Jedi survivor spoilers, have leaked online. This comes from Ryan dinsdale at IGN. Be careful out there. We're not mute stuff. Of course we're not spoiling it. Don't spoil it for anybody else out there. The highly anticipated Star Wars Jedi survivor from EA's respawn entertainment isn't out for another few days. We're just days away from him. I know. That's very exciting. But heads up spoilers have already leaked online. The leaker who appears to have been sold a copy of the game a few days early has already completed Jedi survivor and took to Twitter to share their impressions, screenshots and other details. These have also been shared on reset era, which we won't be linking to, so read or beware. The leak, which includes details about the ending, game length, the number of planets, new characters, and lots, lots more, even grab the attention of EA itself as it Star Wars account tweeted, no spoilers. That tweet for you to see there. Where they just say, no spoilers, we're beyond excited for everyone to experience Jedi survivor this week. We ask that you please be mindful of others and avoid posting or sharing spoilers. And remember, BD is watching. What do you think, Fran? You know, I'm wondering how much you mentioned a lot of stuff like, oh, number of planets and some of this stuff will probably come out in the reviews, which is tomorrow at 8 a.m. Pacific time. Is that right? It is. She can watch right here. For sure, YouTube dot com slash kind of funny names. It'll be on the games cast. It's going to be a great one. I mean, I guess we could say this that who's going to be on it right barret you want to let people know? I've got food in my mouth, Utah. It's going to be Greg Miller as our lead reviewer on this one. I'll be hosting it. We have Andy. We have blessed, and Barrett Courtney will be joining us. We have a full squad of people to talk about. Survivor really, really excited about it. But yeah, you know, I'm curious to see how much comes out in just the normal review discussion, of course, with planets. But story stuff is always like, just don't do that. Especially if you got the game early, don't be that person is all. Because even if you were like, hey, spoilers beware and you have this tweet thread. The problem is it will get spread around. People will use that divisively, and that's the problem. Some people don't even play these games. They love to find out this crap and go in streams and other and just make people's lives, you know, awful. Yeah. Absolutely. So don't make people's lives awful. Of course. That's my message for today. You know, I do think that we are in this modern era of social media and just media in general where more and more I think we're seeing the creators themselves put out messaging of like, hey, protect this experience for people. And like, come on, be cool. Which it's sad that that's where we're at. But also, it makes sense. Things have evolved in just the way people communicate. This type of messaging, I do think goes a long way, but I also like take heed to it. I feel like the fact that the people that have worked so hard in this game have to put out this messaging because there was a leak, not to get ahead of it. It's kind of unfortunate. Yeah, I am some of you know this. Some of you don't, but I am a very protective type person when it comes to spoilers. So much that I don't care how far back in time it goes, just ask first. Oh, wait, is this a spoiler for you? Don't assume, and some people are like, Fran, that is ridiculous. If you haven't watched Avengers Endgame, that's on you. And they get into this, that's on you, bro and I'm like, why? I mean, I have, by the way, but I bring this up because you may or may not remember this story. When we were doing fire team chat way back in the day, John Finney. In the middle of the show, we're talking about destiny. I don't know how it got in a marvel, and I won't spoil it, just in case. But he threw out one of the major deaths in endgame. And he's like, oh, well, so and so, and I was like, and you see my face live on the show. And he's like, oops. And then I was just, I was so pissed though. Because they ruined the point as you ruined the movie for me. Couldn't you just ask for Ben careful? Yeah, yeah. That's true. You could always be more careful. I do think it's context sensitive. And we get a lot of shit for spoiling stuff on shows. And some of it. I totally understand. Don't understand. Everyone has their different things. And that's totally fair. Personally, my stance on it is try not to ruin experiences for people. And like, you're not always going to get something away from them. Yeah, totally. And I don't want to do that. I love sharing things with people. I love seeing people experience stuff for the first time and all that. So the number one fan of the experience. But especially when people don't, for me, it's when people don't have the opportunity to have the experience. Like, right here, it's like, people that want to not be spoiled. They don't even have to want to right now. So I feel like it's like extra extra extra sensitive. I think as things go on, the sensitivity kind of drops down definitely. But definitely. But yeah, were you out with the survivor? Are you itching for it, Fran? I am. I'm just so far back in the backlog now. I guess I feel defeated. But yes, I loved Star Wars Jedi when it came out fallen order, right? Yep. And this is just survivor. Yeah, I loved it. I was super into it sort of, I don't know, it was like to me it was almost a metroid

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